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Jin is my best friend. He is also my roommate. He has been going out with a girl who treats him like crap. I don't know why he stays with her. Everytime they needed their alone time, I had to leave the room and hang out with Jimin.
"Jin Oppa, I've been thinking. What if I moved in with you? It'd be great! We would always be together and we would get all the alone time we need. The only problem is, you're gonna have to kick out Sumi."
His girlfriend never liked me. Jin would always take my side and she would give me a nasty glare.
Me, Taehyung, Jimin, Jin, and his girlfriend were in the living room talking.
"You're kicking me out? Where am I supposed to go?", I asked Jin.
"You can always rent an apartment somewhere else", Jin's girlfriend said.
I looked at her and she was giving me a smirk.
"Jin Oppa doesn't need his best friend to live with him when he has a girlfriend already", she said before sitting on Jin and kissing him. She looked at me as she was doing that. I tried not to let the tears fall so I got up and headed towards the room to pack my things. A few minutes later, I heard someone coming into the room. I looked and saw Jin's girlfriend staring at me.
"If you thought you were gonna stay here and steal my boyfriend away, you got it all wrong. He loves me so much. Even the sex is amazing. I'm pretty sure you have never experienced what we have. I mean who would love a loser like you? You're not even pretty", she laughed. I turned my hands into fists and tried to control my anger.
"It's a good thing you're leaving. I don't have to see you're face again", she told me. Tears were already falling from my eyes.
"What's going on here?"
I looked away and wiped the tears as Jin came in.
"Nothing Oppa I was just helping her pack", his girlfriend said as she hugged him. Jin was looking at me with a serious look on his face. He knows that his girlfriend and I don't get along but never talked about it.
"Jagi it's getting late maybe you should go home", he told her.
"But I am home", she said.
"Just go. I have a few things I need to talk to Sumi about", Jin said.
"Ok Oppa", she said before kissing him and looking back at me with a disgusted face.
Jin closed the door and walked towards me.
"I'm almost done packing. I just need to look for a hotel. I'll be out of here in no time", I said while getting a few things.
"I don't want you to leave", Jin said.
I stopped what I was doing and looked back at him.
"Then why did you tell me I have to move out?", I said trying not to yell.
"It was my girlfriend's idea", Jin said. I scoffed and went back to moving my stuff. He grabbed my wrists and turned me around. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. I tried to push him off me but it was no use. He was stronger than me so I gave into the kiss.
"I know you and her don't get along. She can be a handful but she gets like that because she's jealous", he said.
"So you knew she was messing with me? All this time you knew and you let her make me feel like crap?!", I pushed him off me and walked away. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him but I tripped on something making me fall with him on top of me.
"Get off", I told him.
"No. Not until you tell me why you don't like her?", he said.
"She keeps talking about how it's only you and her. I have to get out of the picture because I'm just ruining your relationship. It bothers me. It bothers me that she kisses you in front of me. It bothers me how she calls you oppa. It even bothers me when she talks about how amazing the sex is!", I yelled at him. He looked at me surprised. I realized what I just said and tried to get up. Jin kissed me again but passionately. I kissed him back and hoped it would never end. I moaned as I felt something hard between my legs. He made it worse when he moved because of the friction. I was a moaning mess. He pulled away and looked at me.
"Saranghae", he whispered.
"What about your girlfriend?", I asked him.
"I was gonna break up with her but I didn't know how. Now that I have you it'll make it easier for me", he said before sucking on my neck. I moaned his name. I stopped him.
"Wait so I packed all of my things for no reason?", I asked him.
"I guess", he said. I smacked his head.
"You're gonna help me unpack you hear me?", I told him.
"Don't worry. I'm definitely gonna help you unpack", he whispered into my ear as he was pulling down my panties. When we were done doing our business, he called his girlfriend telling her it was over between them. She was so pissed, she came over and tried to get me to leave. Jin shoved her outside the door and called security. We went back to the room to unpack my things and laughed about what just happened.

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