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I woke up slowly. The first thing I noticed was I was no longer in pain. Then I realized I was in my own bed. The events of the day before rushed back to me.

"Draco" I muttered. I slowly pulled myself out of bed. Ignoring how weak I was. I opened the door and looked down the hall. Nobody.

I sneak down the hall and open Draco's door. He's not there. I begin to get scared. What if something happened to him. I feel my legs start give out and I fall to the floor.

I groan and hear one of the doors open. "Hermione" Fred gasps running to me and picking me up. "What are you doing out of bed" he exclaims.

"I need to find Draco" I reply. "I know where he is I'll take you" he tells me. I smile happily.

We walk toward the dark lord office. "Can I kill them yet" I hear Draco ask. "For the millionth time no" the dark lord yells. "Draco" I mutter.

When we get to the door Fred knocks and we are given permission to enter. "What is she doing up" the dark lord asks angrily. Completely ignoring me and looking at Fred.

"Its not my fault. I found her on the ground in the hallway and she demanded to see Draco" Fred answers. "Are you ok" Draco whispers.

I nod slowly. The pain is gone but the injuries are still there. "I gave you a pain relief potion but they put a spell on you so you can't be healed by magic" the dark lord says suddenly.

I nod that makes sense. "Where's Blaise" I ask. I was hoping he didn't do anything stupid when he ran off on his murder spree. "He's in the training room. He has been very angry the last three days since you got back" Fred answers.

"I've been asleep for 3 days" I exclaim. Draco nods. I then notice the dark bags under his eyes. I will have to talk to him later but right now I need to talk to my brother.

I poke Fred and he looks down at me. "Onward my horse, to the training room" I exclaim. He glares at me but takes me where I want anyway. He puts me down by the door after I complain for awhile.

I walk into the room fine but collapse a step later. Stupid potion. Blaise catches me before I hit the floor. He pulls me into a bear hug. "I was so worried" he mumbles.

"I'm fine, see" I say. That was the wrong thing to say. His eyes turn to fire. "No your not fine! They kidnapped and tortured you! You have traitor carved into your back and I couldn't stop any of it" he yells.

"I have what carved into my back" I seethe. "You didn't know" he asks still angry. I shake my head. He turns around and punches the wall.

"Blaise" I yell. "They hurt you" he whispers. His voice raw with pain. It hurts me to see him like this. "I'm ok now, I'm safe" I tell him. Pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Come on let's go fix your hand" I say. I take a few steps before I collapse again. Blaise picks me up and carries me out of the training room. Fred is still standing out there and I have to shoo him away.

Finally he leaves so Blaise and I can pass. When we get to my room he sets me on my bed and goes to get the first aid kit. I clean up his hand and bandage it up.

Suddenly the door slams open. "HERMIONE ZABINI" Ginny yells striding into my room. "Ginny cal-" Blaise tries to say but is interrupted. "Shut up punchy" she snaps. He sits down with a pout.

"You just had to get kidnapped and tortured" she says glaring at me. "Well it wasn't my choice" I say sarcastically.

Then a wave of unbearable pain passes through my body. I collapse on to the bed with a scream. "Blaise get help" Ginny screams. Blaise runs out of the room yelling for help.

"What happened" the dark lord demanded running into my room. "I don't know she just collapsed and started to scream" Ginny yells. "The pain potion must be wearing off" he says.

Thats the last thing I hear before I pass out into blissful darkness.

Sorry for the late update but I have been with my dad all weekend.

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