How You Make Me Feel (Poem)

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A poem like this helps me convey

the things that I don’t have the courage to say,

I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to walk out of my way

to more or less ruin your day,

So here I am, writing it and telling you this way,

This way you can know how I feel, and in return, there’s nothing you have to say.

I love how you’re a sweet, kind guy

who cheered me up when I felt really down,

And how, when I see you, I smile

because it’s near impossible to frown.

I love when you hug me and I feel so warm,

I feel comfortable when your arms embrace me,

For the few seconds you hold me, I feel content,

I just wish you could tell that you make me happy.

I love that, although we’re not very close, you think of what’s best for me,

Though no matter how much I like you,

The decisions you make isn’t something I can control,

It’s entirely up to you what you do.

I love that you greet me whenever we meet,

Even if it’s just a sweet smile or a simple ‘Hi’,

Then sometimes when we part ways

you hug me and I give a contented sigh.

I love the effect you have on me when your skin touches mine,

How you make me feel calm and help me to forget

why I was so stressed and tense in the first place,

Yet my heartbeat increases too, I can’t let you go just yet.

I love the memories that you’re in,

In a few, you were annoyed or sad and I remember that I wanted nothing more

than to go to you and comfort you, even before you had this effect on me,

Now, looking back, I regret even more not comforting the guy that I now adore.

I love how you make me feel,

Though a little sad, you mostly make me feel happy,

Happy ‘cause you actually seem to care,

And sad ‘cause you don’t wanna be with me.

My feelings for you are strong

and I’m actually surprised that you seem to care,

Just to let you know, for now, I won’t give up on you,

And the feelings embedded in my heart for you are gonna stay there,

Unless you get annoyed with me, ‘cause then I’ll stop,

I’ll think of what’s best, and like you, I’ll care.

This one's a bit more personal, so it probably won't appeal to many people ;/

But it's still a poem, so I hope you enjoyed it :D

Comments (Improvements?) and votes (to let me know you like it)? ;D

Thank you for reading :)

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