Chapter Part 41

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"Kain-san! The Captain told me to ask you for techniques, so here I am!"

As Princess Fii said, York had sent her over here to learn.
What's more, she even had a formal directive, signed with York's name. To a Grass like him, it was the same as a direct order from His Majesty.

At any rate, it was dangerous for her up here, so he had her climb down before talking.

"You're amazing! To think that you were hiding up in a place like that. I had no idea! What were you doing?"

(I was observing you...)


But of course he couldn't tell her that.
Seeing him stay silent, Princess Fii seemed to guess something.

"Ah-, I'm sorry. It must have been some secret mission, huh!" she exclaimed with her eyes sparkling for some reason.


In fact, it really was a secret mission.
Though it was probably not as cool as she was imagining.

"So Kain-san, what kind of technique will you be teaching me?"

Apparently Princess Fii had completely decided that he would be teaching her. He could see the sparkles of expectations in her eyes.

(No... Is this really fine...?)

Kain once again went through his lord's orders in his mind.

『Observe Princess Fii.』

『If she is 'black', report it.』

『Teach Heath(Princess Fii) your techniques.』

Mn, there didn't seem to be any contradictions.

In fact, observing Princess Fii as he taught her techniques and reporting nothing to His Majesty was in fact quite easy.

There didn't seem to be any contradictions...

No contradictions...

(This is weird, right...! From a common sense point of view...!)

Kain wanted to clutch his head and scream. Or rather, he was already clutching his head.
He had stayed true to the role of a Grass, he had stayed true to obeying his orders, and the result was that the situation had grown even more confusing than before.

"Kain-san! Kain-san!? Are you okay!?"

Princess Fii looked at him, worriedly.
Resolving himself, Kain stood right up.

"Yes, I am fine. I apologise for worrying you."

(I am a Grass... One who accomplishes his missions, and nothing else...)

He asserted that he was a Grass in his mind, but he was actually feeling desperate.

"I see. Thank goodnesss. I don't have anyone left to ask but you. So, what is it that you will be teaching me?"

(I can teach her techniques, but won't that be dangerous...? This lady is a princess, no, you could say that she is already a queen. It begs to reason that I can't teach her anything dangerous... Then, I absolutely can't teach her offensive skills. Practising movement skills might injure her too... In that case...)

"Then, break fallin――"

"Something flashier would be good."

Just as he was about to suggest something safe, Princess Fii puffed up her cheeks.

(Oh? She's surprisingly wilful...?)

His impression of her during his observations had painted somebody a little different from the girl he was speaking to now, and that gap made him a little bewildered.

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