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Aaron's POV
I normally don't have any complaints about being a wolf shifter. Its awesome. But this mate business is not something I can like though. I've never taken this mate business seriously because finding a true mate is extremely rare. Most shifters never find it. Most shifters have to settle with another and love with an incomplete soul for the rest of their lives.
  An incomplete soul is not a problem compared to the major conflict I am feeling right now. Want, lust, hesitation,loyalty,denial, I can't distinguish which feelings are mine and which are my wolf's anymore. It would have been better if I had never found her,my mate. Like my father and my grandmother.

I look at her again. She is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. I want to touch her but I also want to avoid her, I want to go close to her and take in her scent but if I do that the human me won't be able to stop my shifter instincts from taking over. This mate business is gonna make me crazy.
  Especially since I promised to take Jennifer as a mate and future queen just two days ago. But I must take her to the pack. Where one mesha is, his filthy mates are not far behind. And mesha might not amount to much but his mate the zanto are powerful and shrewd. And unfortunately one male mesha has three zantos as mates. Greedy bastards.
"I need to take you back." I give her a stern look. "Quietly."

"Do I have a choice?" She appears meek and dejected ,completely different from the fiery ,confused girl moments ago. Surprisingly, I am more bothered by it than relieved.
                                                                   Against my will, I find myself going to her and taking hold of her hand gently.
  Down boy. Sheesh! I knew I shouldn't have come near.

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