A little dust

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"I have something for you!" Kai shouts. He's holding a small pint with a yellow power inside.
"What is it this time?" I scoff. So far I had purplish knock out power and green pixie dust which I'm assuming is supposed to be white.
"It's a healing powder. For your ankle and leg!" He smiles. He pours a little on my ankle and leg. "It should work the next time you wake up."
"So when I wake up from either sleeping, pain, or being knocked out my leg will be better?"  I ask him.
"Yea pretty much." He shrugs.

"Aw I'm gonna miss carrying you Love." Peter chuckles.
"Me too!" Conner grins devilishly.
"You still can," I tease. "But I just won't need to be."
"Good to know!" They both wink at me.

I roll my eyes and turn back to Kai. "Thank you."
"Anytime!" He smiles gratefully. He slips the pint into one of his pockets and walks over to Dan, Nico, Robbie, and Brad.

"What's the plan for today?" Dan gestures towards Peter.
"Today we play a game," Peter hollers.
"Don't you remember last time we played a game?" I point to my leg.
"Easy Love," He proclaims. "Today is another game of us hunting you. But this time you can use your new found ability to help you."
"Wow thanks for being so generous!" I gag.
"You also get to pick who is playing." Oh now that's interesting!

"Ok," I grin. "I pick you, Dan, Gabe, and" I look straight at someone who I want to get revenge on. "Conner!"
"Anytime doll face!" Conner winks.
"Alright let's start," Peter walks over and helps me up. "Run!"

I start running or hobbling until I reach a deep end. I turn and see Peter gaining on me. I reach into my pocket and pull out a glass pint and smile at Peter. "Hey I think you're missing something!" I shout.
He glances down at his neck and shoots back up meeting my eyes. He didn't even realize when he was helping me up that I took the one thing I needed. Pixie dust. The same pixie dust I dropped in the tree top. He probably grabbed it when I was sleeping. It doesn't make a difference though cause I still have it. I've never seen him use it before but since I have it I guess it makes this more of a fair hunt. Considering Conner doesn't have his anymore.

"Careful where you place things!" I laugh. I sprinkle a little into my hand and instantly start floating.
"That's cheating!" He growls.
"It wasn't cheating when you used it on me in the tree top. You could at least tried to get me without it." I respond.

"Clever!" He shouts back. "But not clever enough!" He jumps up and fly over to me. "Gotcha!" He drapes his arms over me and scoops me up.
"Ah!" I laugh. I'm really really ticklish.
"What's wrong? Ticklish?" His face says it all. Cause all of a sudden he starts tickling me.
"Quit it!" I plead.
"Sorry? I didn't quite get that." He laughs.

Finally he stops tickling me and let's me go. "You know for a kidnapper you're not so bad of a guy." I smile. No this is not Stockholm Syndrome!
"Thanks Love," he clutches his heart. "Means a lot."

My smile fades and I turn into a more serious look. "Quick question."
"What's up?" He pretends to sit down and looks curious.
"How did you know my dad won't come looking for me?" I've been wondering this for a while but never thought to ask.
"Well," he grows a mischievous grin. "I left a note signed by you saying that you went on a find yourself journey and will return when you complete your goal."
"Clever, but not clever enough!" I mock him.
"I'm assuming you have another question as well?" He points out.
"Yea," How did he know that? "Is there any chance you won't kill me?"
"Yes," he turns serious. "You have to make me fall in love with you."
"Yup," I look up and down at him. "I'm dead!"
"Well maybe not," he leans close to me and takes ahold of my chin. "I do kinda feel something."
"Maybe it's a brain. One might be growing." I tease.

I wait until all of them are asleep and sit up. I close my eyes and wish. I wish I could see what my dad is doing! I open my eyes and see a puddle forming.

"Are you sure you're ok with Wendy going off?" John asks my dad.
"She needs time. And I trust her. It might take a week, a month, couple months, or even years but I know she will come home." He smiles. Wow thanks dad! Letting your fourteen year old daughter roam the earth unsupervised how thoughtful!

I close my eyes again. I don't want to see him anymore. I open my eyes and notice the puddle fading and lay back down.
"So I guess you're fond of the trick we taught you?" I swing my head around and see Conner smiling.
"I needed to know if he was ok." I explain.
"He trusts you a lot." He points out.
"He always has. Ever since my mom died I've taken care of myself and he knows I can handle things. So he's ok when I leave for a while as long as he knows where I'm going." It's true I could go to the next country and he'd be cool with it.
"Think he'll be cool with you not coming home?" He mutters.
"Just you wait Conner," I turn into my back. "I'll be going home!"

"Wendy wake up there's a snake on you!" Conner screams.
"Conner I know for a fact the is no snake. So shut the hell up!" I snap.
"You are no fun." He pouts.

"Conner, if you want a nice attitude from her try waking her up nicely." Peter suggests. He walks over and rubs my arm. "Come on Love it's time to wake up."
"Fine I'm up." I moan.
"How did you sleep?" He asks.
"Like a shark." Catch this one! I bet you can't find your way through this.
"Sharks don't sleep." He checks. Oh course he knew that!
"You can't ever act like you didn't know stuff can you?" I ask sounding a tiny bit annoyed but mostly impressed. I am impressed, no one really knows facts about wildlife like I do. Yet here's Peter being all encyclopedia about it.
"No it's fun watching you get frustrated." The corner of his mouth forms the most satisfied grin.

"Holy shit! Stop flirting!" Dan busts.
"Yea it's kinda cringe worthy." Nico adds.
"Aww so's your face!" I tease.
Peter slings his arm around me laughing. "Sometimes I wish you were always here!"

I smile and look down. I feel a burning flush on my face. Am I blushing?!
"Whatcha thinking?" Gabe whispers in my ear.
"Who to murder first." I wink. "And thanks for sneaking up on me."
"Just doing my job." He snickers.
"And what's that?" I cross my arms and raise a eyebrow signaling him to spill.
"To make sure you're always aware of those around you." He lies.
"Really?" I pout. "You are really going to lie to my face. I thought we were becoming friends."
"I'm not going to be friends with someone who is doing to die here in a matter of days!" He snaps.
I lean in close to his ear, smiling ear to ear. "Don't count on it!" I whisper.

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