Izeiah's Pov

The next day, I woke up in a small room that seems to be locked.

"You're finally awake" someone said

"Yeah, how many minutes was I asleep?" I asked

"240 minutes to be specific" he said

"What happened?" I asked

"Early this morning, someone broke into our dorm and yeah, kidnapped us" he said

"What do you mean kidnapped us? You mean you let them" nakangusong sabi ko.

"I'm smart enough to realize that it was what to be done to us" Ivan said and shrug.

"You could have stop them."

"Well, they were holding you hostage that time and you were sleeping peacefully. They were threatening me too."

"What could possibly have scared you?" I asked with my eyes wide.

"They were going to wake you up if I resist."

"What?! That's what stopped you?"

This is so unbelievable. He casually leaned on the wall as he watched me freaking out.

"I didn't want you to be disturb."

I rolled my eyes.

"Its going to be a long day" I said

"I forgot to ask you this but your eyes... its suppose to keep us conscious when all of our body has fallen asleep. So why did you passed out after you activated yours? " he said slowly as if he's trying to find the right words.

"Its been like that. It works the other way. But sometimes when we are at the verge of desperation, it keeps us awake. And most of the time, it gives us trouble. When I activate it, someone has to keep watch because I will fall unconscious the second the 5 minute rule is over. " I answered

I looked away... it once gave me trouble, a trouble I thought I was desperate enough to keep myself conscious but I was wrong. I still fall asleep. It was a bad memory, actually.

"Oh I see but wouldn't be easier when you tell me more about the Robinson Clan. It will definitely help me a lot" he said, trying to convince me

"Figure it out" I said

"Tsk, anyway it's cold in here" he said

"Now that you mentioned it, it really does" I said

I laid my back on the bed and pulled the blanket over me. I'm still sleepy and my bed time should be 8:00 pm, well that's what my Ate scheduled and if I don't, no sweets for tomorrow and I kinda got used to that. I didn't notice my eyes closed and I fall asleep again.

Narrator's Pov

After Izeiah drifted to sleep Ivan also went and laid beside her. He put the rest of the blanket over him

He wondered a lot of things about her. Why can't she tell him about her clan? He'd never heard of anything about this kind of eyes before. It's strange

Suddenly, he felt Izeiah's body heat warming him up so much it's causing him to hugged her more. He buried his face in her neck , he could smell her scent, it was tempting. He wrapped his hands around her waist but she didn't even moved an inch because she's way too asleep. He was familiar with the scent, and that's when he realized it. Her scent was just like his scent, but hers was much more feminine.

He watched her sleep. He knows behind those glasses is a beauty. She took her glasses off once and he saw her. While he was staring at her, she suddenly opened her eyes. Ivan thought she's going to freak out but she came closer even more.

"You're so warm" she said then closed her eyes again. He chuckled.

He continued to watch her until he found himself falling asleep.

Other Room
(Vladi and Riley)

Vladi's Pov

I was trying to keep my sanity together because I'm bored as hell.

"Alam mo ba ang tungkol sa Robinson Clan?" Riley asked

"Not that much" I said. When Izeiah activated his eyes, the Robinson name kinda triggered something in my brain.

"So, meron kang alam, hindi ba?" Riley asked

"Iilan lang ang mga records ng mga Robinson ang nasa kamay ng publiko. And the existing records are heavily guarded as it is considered as one of those who can't be easily obtained even when the government is literally on their knees. And the Shikaiken and Kenshi files also goes the same way, their information is that valuable that you want to question what's in those papers that are believe to be of great significance."

"May alam ba ang angkan mo tungkol sa kanila?"

"I can't tell you all I know" I said as I turned my attention to her.

"Just fill me in about her clan, I'll be satisfied" she said

"Robinson clan is known for their brutality and it's responsible for ruling one of the famous auction places" i said

"So sa kanila ang isa sa mg aaucrion places na sikat?" Riley asked.

It seems she never heard of it and by the sound of it she don't go to Auction Places.

"Yeah, Red House. They always open every December first" I explained

"That's where my Dad got the Egyptian painting na napakawalang kwenta naman" she said

"But the most rarest occasion that directly relates to the Robinson Clan is when they show you their green eyes." I said

She nodded

"We don't know much about the clan because they're not always active. They're the type to watch the story unfolds and will only start to act when they get involve. They are known for their brutality." I said

"Feel proud Zeah let you show hers." I added

Tumango ako.

"Salamat sa explanasyon mo" sinabi niya sakin

No war has dared to rise after the Fourth War because the hierarchy was already formed by the time the Third Was was finished. Mizu Clan is one of the Si Shizu (Mizu, Suna, Fujiwara, Yu). Si Shizu are underneath the Tria Fyli and the other clans are beneath us.

Tria Fyli
Shikaiken - Kenshi - Robinson

Si Shizu
Mizu - Suna - Fujiwara - Gryst

Other Clans

Other Room
(Veena and Keith)

Veena's Pov

Ang sakit parin ng ulo ko dahil sa pagka bagok ko. Kaya nakahiga ako dito sa isang kama.

"Hey, Veena does your head still hurts?" Tanong sa Keith

"Hindi na ganon kasakit unlike nung una parang nabibiyak ang ulo ko sa sakit" balik kong sagot sakanya.

"Meron ba ang credit card mo dito?"

"Bakit?" I said

"I've got an access to see the top security files of thr government. They kept the Robinson's basic information here" he said

"Really? Then why do you need money?"

"Because, inorder to read what's inside, I have to pay for it and I haven't got my card with me. "

"I haven't got mine in me either. We just have to wait." I said and get up to search some stuff

I'm interested to know more about the Robinsons

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