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It is 8 p.m. and Johnny is going out for a run. After all he is a guy and he needs to look after his figure. He started gym and training right after he started high school so he had a great muscular body by now. And he sure was proud of it. He didn’t know where to go for a run as he was in a big city now. Cars were everywhere and he was more of a quiet surroundings person, although nobody knew that. Peer pressure was too big for him to say "no" to going out on Saturdays. Most of his friends just needed to be seen somewhere. This was never important to Jonathan. Tonight he just wanted to go out and clear his mind a bit.

In mean time, Elizabeth was finally letting her tears see the light of a day. She was safe in her small room where she could just be herself, no pretending, no lying and no fake smile. Her thoughts finally caught up with her. Her heart won this battle and brain had to surrender. Tears were falling down as she was thinking about her life. There was one major hole in her life and she couldn’t feel it in with anything. She tried everything she thought of in the last couple of years but the need for that "special someone" didn’t go away.

When you look at it, the Jonathan and Ellie had the most different lives. In all the moments when Johnny had the time of his life, Ellie was as sad as a person can be. But she haven't let anyone see it. She kept all her feeling for herself. Not to get her wrong, she wasn't depressed all the time. She just had these few hours of depression every now and then and Ellie really needed someone to help her get through it. But nobody was there. That's why she was extra careful about her friends and that's why she went nuts about texting Jonathan.

"God, it's a perfect evening." - Johnny said as he was leaving his apartment. He put on a new black sweat pants that he just bought two days ago and which fitted him perfectly, green Nike T-shirt and black running shoes that he loved. They were also Nike. If he could, Johnny would dress himself in Nike's clothes from head to toes. He decided to go along the river, there must be nice and peaceful. Heads were turning to see the young man running in such a perfect silhouette with graceful but very masculine moves. He really was something to see. These few hours outside his home are always the time to think about his life, his family and girlfriend, his future, his everything. Nothing gives him better answers than the silence and raised heart beat. Johnny caught himself smiling a few times during the run. Even he didn't know why he's smiling. He was just happy. The part he likes the most about going out for a run is coming back home. Jonathan could go the whole way home with empty head. He already thought of everything during the run, now he could just enjoy the air and the city.

The darkness of the night was coming through Ellie's window and she was happier by the minute. Not because the depression was leaving her, but because she knew she was going to sleep soon. Sleep solves her depression every time. "Just few more hours, tomorrow is a new day." - Ellie always knew that she has a lot to be happy about and her life isn't that miserable as it may seems sometimes. She was always standing firmly on the ground. In addition, she had her best friend that always helped her in these times. Doris Porschen is always there for Ellie. Dee Dee, as Elizabeth called her, was and is her soul mate.

Elizabeth composed a letter of her feelings: "Hey you :). What's up? Look, I need your help again. I'm at that point. You know what to do. This time it's even worse than the last time. I really can't handle it anymore. How am I suppose to survive these feelings? Every time I write to you I feel worse and worse. And nobody notices it. I'm that good in hiding things. I need... Well, you know what I need. And it's not happening. Tell me what to do." - The rest of the message was Ellie pitying on her life, saying how she'll end everything, move somewhere. Actually, she has put her whole life in that writing, like she did every time she was feeling down.

As always when she was sad, Ellie sent Dee Dee a message on Facebook, just to let everything go. She needed to tell someone what's going on and Dee Dee was the perfect person. However, this time something went wrong. In fact, everything went wrong. As she was always checking if Jonathan has sent anything, she accidentally sent him everything that's not suppose to leave her and Dee Dee's minds. She didn't write anything about him but all her feelings and struggles were in that message. Elizabeth was freaking out. The worst thing that could happen is that Johnny releases this message in public and Ellie didn't trust him that much to be sure he won't do it. She immediately saw herself leaving college due to public shame and bullying. "What to do?" - This was her favorite sentence in this moment. She couldn't go to sleep now. She was determined to stay up as long as it needs for Jonathan to respond.

With not a care on his mind, Johnny was going back home. He stopped on a kiosk to buy some newspaper, he thought was going to be a boring evening so he would need something to read. When he came home, he turned on his two-year old black laptop as a matter of habit and went for a quick shower. He didn't even steam the bathroom because he always showers with more cold than warm water. He believes it helps his blood circulation. He's right, but he often turns cold water too far. Never mind that, he put on his pajama, actually just his sweat pants, and, as usual, went to check his inbox, play few games and read some news. His face immediately changed color, from very red to pale. As he was reading the message, his heart and brain were fighting like never before. "What to say now?" - It was his biggest concern how to continue his weak friendship with Ellie after this. They weren't that close that he could just interfere in her life but he couldn't let it go either. 

Jonathan had left this message on the side for a couple of hours, until he figured out what to say. Ellie was so nervous on the other side of that line. She saw he has seen the message and couldn't figure out whether he was going to respond or not. She was sure they were over. Their two-week friendship was over. Nobody could think she's normal after this. He should hear the whole story but she was too weak to explain anything. At first she thought she doesn't need to explain anything, that's her and her life, but later she realized she needs to say something if she wants to remain friendship. After some time of thinking, she came to a conclusion that it would be best to delete him and block him on Facebook. She put an end to it before Johnny got a chance to say what he thinks. Blocking him only made Johnny even more confused. He couldn't wait for Monday tomorrow to see Elizabeth in college.

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