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Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to the Hobbit fandom, and just started getting into the lore, so if something is wrong please go easy on me!
Potatatatatatatatato inspired me to make this!!! Potato made a Legolas X Reader for me, and now I'm on a Legolas X Reader addiction.
*** - time skip
Y/N - your characters name
Italics - thought (character thinking)
~~~ - outfit Y/N is wearing [will be a picture] (if you don't like the pictures of her outfits just let me know! I'm just trying new things out!)

Y/N's POV:

I ran through the forest quickly. I wasn't used to the surplus of trees, and caught myself from almost falling several times. My hair blew in the warm wind. My scratches on my body burned, but I couldn't stop running; I was so afraid. My arms were tied together with rope still, and I had on a tattered white 'dress' and heels to gorgeous for this forest, and making not falling into my face much more difficult.

~~~My chest feels heavy and I feel faint

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My chest feels heavy and I feel faint. I fall to my knees and take deep breaths. I see a nearby rock and I position my rope-cuffs out side the rock so the rock is inbetween them, and I begin to pull back. Hoping the rock was sharp enough to cut the rope.

After a few minutes of furiously rubbing it against the rock with no luck, I gave up and tried to get up again but my heels sunk into the mud and I fell with a loud thud. I furiously try to rip off my shoes, but with no luck once more I rush to stand up when I hear footsteps from above.

They must be in the trees! But how did they even get up there, I swear I felt like I was running for hours...

I wanted to just scream out and cry, I thought I finally had gotten away from them.

I legs frantically wobble from the cuts and exhaustion. I still can't stand up and I fall again.

I take a shaker breath as I look up at the trees.

Who ever was there... Is gone

I'm not sure if this is suppose to be comforting or more terrifying. I had heard one of them saying something about giant spiders?

I try to place my heel in between my ropes and pull, but no luck again and again.

The I hear a loud thud from behind me.

Something or someone had found me

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