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lol, let's breath out from Gin and Alex love story at mukhang lahat tayo ay affected na knowing how this FM 1 will end (of course binigyan ko na kayo ng maagang spoiler which already has a 20k reads thanks for that)

thank you for making FM @ our top list under romance and non-teen genre

thank you for voting and giving comments on every chap

and as for the record i have been writing at wattpad for a year now--(applause, applause!)

Sana Akin Ka na Lang (Stephanie and Dominic) was written and published last November 2012 followed by One Day Someday (Jerina and Gabriel) na nag start Feb 2013 (i can't recall na napagsabay ko pala sila) then With You (Romina and Zacharias) and now this Forgotten Memories (Alexandra Isabella and Eugene Carlos)

Madami pa din nagtatanong bakit daw Forgotten Memories--well, straight from my heart sasagutin ko na yan haha

As you can see and imagine knowing the last few chapters of FM and the spoiler of FM 2, they will break apart, all those memories they have together will be forgotten by certain circumstances whether it is because of pain and self defense well, malalaman natin lahat yan as we progress FM 2

Bakit ba sila maghihiwalay?

a. because of what Alex did

b. because of Lian 

c. because of Gin 

d. because of Gin's family

e. because if Clarissa

f. because of Fredrick

g. because of Carmi

haha, malapit na naman sa finale so i guess its all up to us to find out why

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thanks to the 14k followers hindi man lahat nakakabasa na or nakaka vote, knowing you are out there and enjoying what i love doing, that's a relief to me already

when should i stop writing in wattpad...