Chapter 22

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*Day of the ball*

There was loud banging on my door and I groaned loudly.

"Bloody hell!" I yelled walking to the door. I opened the door to find Mione and Ginny with huge bags and cases.
They walked into my room as I sarcastically said, "Come in."

I hopped on my bed and looked at them as Moine smiled, "Time to get ready!"

Janet and Pansy joined me on the bed and smiled.

"Ok. Who's your dates?" I asked them.
Moine blushed and we all raised our eyebrows at her.

"Victor Krums," she smiled.

"You're lying!!" I squeeked.

"Granger got an older one!"

"Shut it.." she laughed blushing.

"I'm going with Seamus," Ginny smiled biting her lip.

"How did he ask you?" Moine asked.

"He just came to me and asked. Then he handed me my favorite chocolates with a card that had moving pics of me," she smiled playing with her fingers.

"Aw he's so brave! I would've died if i were a guy and had to ask a girl," I smiled.

"As you all know im going with Neville," Janet smiled laying on her back. We rolled our eyes since she has been talking about it for like ever.

"I'm going with Blaise," Pansy mumbled.

We all snapped our heads at her as we yelled, "How he asked you?"


Oh curse Mandie for getting me into Twilight. This book is so good! I felt hands cover my eyes and I groaned.

"Who ever it is make it quick. I'm at the part when Edward and James start to fight so chop chop!" I pushed.

"Bloody hell you too?" I heard the person say.

I smiled wide as I said, "Blaise."

He uncovered my eyes as I saw a floating letter in front of me. Blaise hopped over the couch to sit next to me.

"What is this Blaise?" I asked looking at him.

"Open," Blasie said ignoring me.
The letter became into a talking envelope as Blaise voice filled the room.

"Pansy, as you know... I'm very shy and I know if I was saying this to you in person I would probably piss myself. Hahahaha well the yuleball is coming up and I couldn't think of anyone better to ask besides you. You're beautiful, sweet, caring, funny and you understand me more than anyone so it would be my honor if you came to the ball with me...." the envelope/Blaise said.

I smiled wide and looked at Blaise.
"You didnt have to do this.... oh my god yes I'll go with you Blaise." I said excitedly hugging him.

         The envelope exploded into decorative curlicues with an applause.
He kissed my cheek lightly as I layed on his chest.


"And that's what happened," she explained.

"Thats so weirdly adorable," Mione smiled.

"Definitey agree," Janet squeeked. She chuckled shyly and everyone turned towards me.

"So Mandie who's your date?" Moine asked.

I instantly got worried. My breathe got caught in my throat and my body began to feel lifeless. I mean... I'm not embarrassed its just that im going with the guy who's bullied my friends since they came here.

"Uuuhh.." I said nervously. Pansy and Janet looked at me pityful and i sighed.

"It cant be that bad. Its not like you're going with Draco or Crabbe or anything.." Ginny laughed. I looked down and Mione and Ginny gasped.

"Who. Is. It?" Moine said.

"Im going with Draco!" I said standing up crossing my arms.

"What? Why? How? When?" Ginny and Moine said in unison.

"It was a dare but i said no. Then a few days ago he came to my door with a rose and he was nice and he asked me so i said yes. It's not like i had a choice. We promised to do each dare and he couldn't take no for an answer. Then we kind've hugged.. and got closer..." I explained. Moine and Ginny exchanged looks and smirked at me.

"Do you WANT to go to the ball with him?" Moine smirked raising her eyebrows.

I widened my eyes and said, "No-well um i dont know really....he's been somewhat caring the past few days...."

"Draco? Caring? In what world?" Ginny laughed.

"In mine.." i mumbled

"You like him don't you?" Moine smiled looking at my face.

"I don't think i do but im not denying," i said truthfully. My door opened slowly followed by a knock.

"Come in!" i called. Draco's head popped from the side of the door.

"Oh i didn't realize you were busy ill just um go-"

"No no no it's fine you need anything?" i asked turning to him. He fully came in the room and walked over to me. The girls just looked at us quietly as Draco sighed.

"About my dad the other night i didn't mean for things to go that far-" he started.

"Draco its fine it's not your fault-"

"Then why do i feel that way? The past few days i've been blaming myself for allowing that. When i saw you crying i cant describe how i felt seeing you like that.." he sighed.

"Draco i really am ok. I dont blame you. Its fine. Plus," i sighed walking to him rubbing my thumb on his faded bruise, "You did enough," I reassured him smiling.

"I just needed to say that. Im sorry," he said wrapping his arms around me. I slowly wrapped my arms around him still weirded out by his affection. He quickly kissed my cheek and parted from me... again... with goosebumps. My eyes widened quickly thrown aback from the kiss that he give me in front of my friends. He's bold.

"Hermione, Ginny, Pansy, Janet," he said nodding at them.

"Draco..." they replied with shocked expressions. He turned around and started walking to the door.

"See you later?," i smiled.

"Wouldn't miss it," he answered giving me a wink and closing the door behind him. I turned around smiling and looked at everyone.

They raised their eyebrows and i said, "What?!"

"Well he apologized, hugged you, kissed your cheek, well lets just face it.... You're changing him," Moine smiled.

"No I'm not..." I smiled.

"He didn't call me a mudblood or a filthy mudblood or even Granger," Mione smiled giving me a look.

"That doesn't mean anything......." i smiled playing with my fingers.

They rolled their eyes and dragged me to the bathroom to get ready.

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