The Memory Keeper (Naruto fanfic)

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HI(: !

So, this is my first ever fanfiction. It's a Naruto fanfic, and will be uploaded starting in a couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy this little preview! Vote, please? Also, while it will have some romance (I'll be trying some femslash, and there will also be slash and straight in here too!), it won't be completely lovey-dovey.

**I don't own Naruto, sadly. But I totally made up Kimiko, along with Kazuo and Masao!

Dedication is for firooz. She picked out the names and also did the cover! Thanks, firooz(: BTW-check out her stories, they're freakin' awesome.


My name is Kimiko Kioku. Two weeks ago, I came home to find the bodies of my family. I was there in my brother's last moments of life. I lost my parents, one of my brothers, my sister, my cousins, my aunts and uncles and grandparents. My niece and nephew died as well. The remainder of my clan was either missing or had died earlier. It nearly killed me, especially the death and disappearance of my brothers, twins. Kazuo and Masao.

Kazuo was outgoing, full of care and love for everyone. Out of anyone I'd ever met, he was the most understanding. Masao was the most like me, physically and mentally. Masao had the same straight black hair. We both had the same straight nose, full lips, wide, calculating blue eyes, defined features, and soft, serious and sometimes deadly voice. His could be rough, angry. The only emotions my voice ever held was hatred, mixed with a touch of contempt and sarcasm (though it was rare I showed any emotion or expression at any time). I was shrewd, calculating, cold. Ever since a small age I was like that.

However, a few things had changed since the mass murder of my clan. Such as my clothing. I had adopted baggy black pants that cut off at my knees and bunched up ((AN: kinda like Kakashi's pants, but black...I need to describe it differently, I guess)). I wore a plain, black shortsleeved shirt with a sleeve less hoodie of the same color over it. What visible part of my arms or legs were wrapped with bandages. My hands were concealed by red gloves, the only color in my outfit. My sandals were black. Pair my attire with straight black hair, short, and I suppose you could say I looked odd.

Today was a big day for me. We were getting divided into our teams, the people we'd be spending time with for a long time.

"So today we're dividing up into permanent teams, composed of three students and their sensei." Iruka pauses slightly, eyes resting on each student for a moment and then moving on to the next. Like he was remembering us. "I'll tell you what team you are to be on, and afterwards you will get up to be seated with them and wait for your sensei to arrive. Understood?" Without waiting for an answer, he moves on. "All right. Team one..."

I look around the room, assesing each student. As long as I wasn't teamed with Sasuke or Sakura, I'd be fine. Hopefully, I wouldn't. Though I would rather work on my own, I understood team work was a key part in training.

"Team seven...Kioku Kimiko..." I pay rapt attention. I was about to learn my fate. I was free of Sakura; she'd been previously teamed up. So now I just had the chance of being stuck with Sasuke. "Uzumaki Naruto..." That was okay, great even. Naruto was a very caring person, albeit a trouble maker, and a very loud person. He would take a lot of the attention off of me. "...and Uchiha Sasuke. Team eight..." Sakura glares daggers at me. She had hated me since the moment she saw me, and now that I was on the same team as her Sasuke? She was burning with anger. I could almost feel it.

I show no emotion. That was a sign of weakness, something I wasn't willing to show I had. Naruto protests wildly at this. "HEY, IRUKA SENSEI! I CAN'T BE ON A TEAM WITH HIM! HE'S A LOSER!" Naruto points at Sasuke, and jumps up from his chair. "Naruto, be quiet!" Iruka shushes him, and Naruto sits down, grumbling about how unfair everything was.

Sasuke, however, remained silent. I could almost feel the anger rolling off of him in red, wrathful waves. As much as Sasuke probably liked to think he never showed emotion, he sure was bad at it. I could read the pain and hatred in his seemingly devoid of life eyes, could tell from his posture and body language what he was feeling. Call it creepy if you will, but I could do that with everyone in this room. I had silently studied them until I had them all figured out. That was one of the things my clan was famous for; they absorbed their environment, the people around them, the plants and animals and things.

On an off note, I was going to be completely occupied while waiting for my new sensei to show up.

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