Chapter Thirty - Day Drinkers

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Jacobi never came to bed last night. Or if he did it was so late that I didn't feel it and he left before I woke. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd spent the night with Adrienne. What else could he have possibly been doing? I felt like I was losing him and it hurt. I really needed a friend right now. But I didn't have Kyle anymore. The thought only salted my already fresh wounds.

Trudging out of bed, I stripped from Jacobi's oversized t-shirt and decided to take a quick shower. A jolly maid entered with a delivery of food as I was stepping into the bathroom. "Good morning, Ms. Granger." She said pleasantly, reminding me that I wasn't the plague in the castle anymore.

"Good morning. Could I ask you a favour? Would you be able to get me some clothes to wear? Perhaps Julia or Queen Elizabeth will lend me something they have to spare."

"Certainly, Miss." The chipper maid bowed her head respectfully before leaving Jacobi's room.

I glanced around the bathroom for any sign of Jacobi's recent presence. But the counter was perfectly dry as was the shower. He couldn't have been here last night or he would've used the bathroom in the morning. Besides, I would have felt his company at some point throughout the night. But I hadn't.

Stepping into the bathroom, I turned the shower nozzle to 'hot' and let the water sink deep into my skin. I stood beneath the hot spray for a while, lost in thought. Would Kyle have ever done this to me? Had I made the wrong decision leaving him for Jacobi? Was I being too paranoid? But he'd promised he'd come to bed last night and he hadn't. He didn't even call to tell me he wasn't coming. Did he seriously think his actions wouldn't hurt me?

I winced when I picked up his shampoo and recognized the smell instantly. I put it back, realizing I couldn't use it. I shut the water off and stepped out without washing my hair or body. I didn't want his smell all over me when it reminded me of how shitty he was being.

When I re-entered the bedroom, I noticed that the maid had placed a set of clothes on the freshly made bed for me. Leggings and an oversized crew neck sweater, plus a set of underwear that still had tags on them. I changed quickly, throwing my hair up in a wet bun. Taking a seat on the surface of the bed I began to wonder what I could do today. I didn't feel like roaming the castle. Nor did I feel like finding my so-called-mate.

I freed my phone from its charger on the nightstand and scrolled through my contacts until I landed on Connor's name. If anyone could cheer me up it was goofy Connor. I waited patiently as the phone rang.

"Hello, sweetums." He piped happily on the other end.

I grinned already, "Hey. What are you up to?"

"I'm uh... don't be angry, alright? I'm out with Kyle."

I was momentarily taken aback. Connor was with Kyle? Kyle was still in Ireland? "Oh. I'm not angry. How'd you know he was even in Ireland?"

"I bumped into him yesterday, believe it or not."

"Oh was that why you weren't around all day?"

"Yeah." He replied sheepishly. "Anyway, what's up?"

"I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out but I wouldn't want to take you from Kyle. We'll talk later."

"Wait, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. It's just... have you seen Jacobi? I don't think he slept here last night."

"I haven't." He admitted. "He sent me home after I settled Maverick at his place. Hey, Alaska? Let me call you back, yeah?"

"Sure." I responded half-heartedly. I'd been hoping Connor knew where Jacobi had been last night. I put the phone aside and fell on my back. I hadn't felt this alone in ages. I wondered if this was what it would feel like in a hundred years. I'd be alive and everybody I loved would be gone. I'd have no one to confide in or turn to when I was upset.

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