You're Mine.

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 I am completely enamored with Veronica

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 I am completely enamored with Veronica. I barely kept it together when she took off her clothing, her body is amazing. The leopard print bikini she's wearing is like wrapping paper. Dear Santa, all I want is Veronica under my tree.

After the second jump, we swam back to the boat joining the rest of the gang. Vaughn has a screaming Jenny in his arms, her pleads falling on deaf ears as he jumps into the water. "You asshole!" Jenny yells as she comes up from under the water, Vaughn just laughs. She huffs and
swims back to the boat, stomping to the front where her friend lays sun bathing.

V lays on her back, floating on the water. I can't help but admire her physique until Vance jumps in the water scaring V out of her peaceful float. She splashes him, "Jerk." He swims to her, and she desperately tries to swim away, but Vance is too fast. He grabs her by the leg and pulls, causing her to go under. She wrestles with him but he manages to dunk her. She comes up sputtering, "I hate you." she yells wiping the hair from her eyes. Vance swims away, as V moves to the back pulling herself out of the water. What a sight.

"I'm hungry." Vance announces, "What grub do we have."

"We packed some sandwiches, but there might not be enough, we didn't know more people were coming." Melissa says from the boat.

"No worries girl, we stopped at the sub shop." Talia says waving Melissa off.

Vance and I are the only two in the water, so we move to the boat, climbing on board. I grab my towel from my seat, drying off my short hair and then moving down my body. Melissa handed out sandwiches, and I thank her for thinking of me, in which she thanked me for allowing her to come out. We all sat around, enjoying our sandwiches, light conversation throughout.

"What time is it?" Vaughn asks.

"1:30" Vic informs us, looking at the watch on his left wrist.

"Wow, already?" V says.

"Time flies when your having fun." Vance responds.

"What time you guys want to head out?" I ask.

"Four?" Vaughn says more like a question.

Vic nods, "Yeah, that sounds good to me."

"You guys wanna do some tubing?" I ask.

"Can we just lounge?" Talia offers.

"You girls are no fun." Vance says.

"We just ate!" She whines.

"We can hang out for a bit, let our food digest, I don't need anyone getting sick." I suggest.

"Can I use a tube?" Talia asks me.

"Yeah." I move towards the back of the boat, opening a compartment that holds the tubes, and their ropes. I hand them over to Talia, "Thanks, I'm gonna float, can you hook me?" she asks smiling, I nod and hook her to the back. I watch her place the tube onto the water and ease herself onto it, she floats away until the rope stops her from moving beyond it's length.

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