Prisim Ramble Time

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For those of you who haven't been around my corner of Wattpad for very long, I like to finish every book with these long winded author notes. They're just my random thoughts on the story as a whole and what's next for me on here. Nothing really important so if you hate author notes, move on. You're done here! Thanks for reading.

Without further ado...Prisim ramble time!

So that's it. Draygon Frost, the story inspired by my binge playing Dragon Age, is complete. As with all my first drafts, it's not without its major and minor flaws, one of which made me struggle to finish it. They're nothing I can't fix if I ever get around to editing/rewriting and in general I'm very happy with how DF came out, but it's far from perfect. For starters I kept absolute crap cheat sheet notes LOL I regularly forgot what some characters looked like and had to go back and see if I could find it, so there might be some inconsistencies there haha. Then there's the flaws of me being a pantser and certain characters I only planned to have around for a chapter or two, suddenly decided to be important to the overall series *cough* I'm looking at you, Ayla, Rosie, and Naylin. So no idea if that created a lot of holes or not. Then I changed my mind on the way Siobhan wore her weapons and...well the list could go on and on so I'll stop there.

But even with those flaws, I am still overall extremely happy with the story. It's the rare occasion where I didn't think something I wrote was complete dreck. It's not one of my most popular stories on here, but I feel like it's one of my better ones so I really can't complain.

You might have noticed DF has some open endedness to it. That was actually what slowed me down in the end, I worried that the overall arch of the book wasn't stand alone enough and it'll be too dependent on a sequel getting written. I had to do my usual fight with myself and remind me that it's a first draft. I can fix it later if I ever want to haha That being said...there will be a sequel. Right now it has a working title of Draygon Inferno, but I'm still hoping to come up with a better name than Draygon Frost for this book, thus changing the name for the sequel :-p

When will DI come to Wattpad? No clue. I've shifted over to my super hero drug story, Power Uppers, first, but I'm in a bit of an emotional funk that has made writing not so fun. I've always maintained I can think I suck but I'll still write as long as I have fun doing it. Right now, with my mental head space, I'm not having fun. So I haven't gotten very fat into PU.

At some point I'm also hoping to start editing Guardian of Calandria...but I've been saying that for a couple years and still have yet to touch it haha While I think my attempts at publishing are dead, I'm still hoping to give it one last try with GoC. Problem is, I have so many story ideas and not enough time/energy to write/edit them all so DI will be dependent on which story is buzzing in my head when it's time to start a new one. Plus I need to go back through DF and make my cheat sheet better before I can start writing any sequel. I'm going to forgot all of my characters looks, and other traits, if I don't.

I guess that's it. Thank you all for giving DF a shot and even more thanks if you managed to make it this far! While I know I'm not the best writer in the world, I'd be absolutely nothing without you readers. I sure as hell wouldn't still be posting on Wattpad without you guys. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Promotion time for those of you who are new to my stories that might be looking for similar high fantasy books by me to read after this, check out Guardian of Calandria or Lady of the Mysts. While completely unrelated to DF, they're high fantasy books as well.

That's all folks! Much love and gummy bears to you all!

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