Chapter Twenty-Six

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          "You might be the heir of Draygon, but you don't speak to our Prime High Mage in such an insolent manner!" Gerda shouted.

Siobhan glowered toward the cheese smelling Second High Mage. "Leave. Now!"

"The nerve of you—"

"It's all right, Gerda. Give us a moment alone please."

Gerda pressed her hands to her chest and bowed. "As you command, My Prime."

Frost continued to snake around Rufus' desk as Siobhan glared at him. Dark rings hung under his sagging eyes. The Prime of the High Mages leaned back in his chair, watching Siobhan's ice take over his desk. Ice encased a small globe he had sitting next to a bottle of ink that also had ice climbing over the sides. Rufus smiled.

"Please sit, Lady Siobhan."

"I'll stand, thank you," she snarled.

"As you wish, but could you stop freezing my desk at least?"

Siobhan huffed and straightened herself. When her hands pulled away from his desk, the ice vanished without leaving a trace of water.

"How are Wren and I connected? Is he Draygon?"

"No, but he's like Draygon." Rufus steepled his fingers, touching the tips to his lips. "His blood is mixed liked a Draygon. We're still testing the sample he gave us, but thus far we've found evidence of shifter, Aquantian, Draygon, and Fae. As for how you're connected, I wish I knew."

"How can you not know? You're the Prime of the High Mages!"

"One simple answer, The Witches of Drakewood."

"Those damned hags."

"Yes, they don't give any answers unless necessary. Wren astounds even me. On the surface, he's so human, you wouldn't dare guess there was magic in him. But a single touch and I can feel it, burning within him, begging to be unleashed. And it's strong magic. I dare say it might even be stronger than Draygon. Several of my mage apprentices are scouring the scrolls for any mention of a race that could match a Draygon in power."

"Can you teach him to control his magic?"

"I want to say yes."


Rufus crossed his arms on his desk. "I'll be upfront with you, Lady Siobhan."

"Drop the lady crap. I haven't been a lady since I left Draygon."

"As you wish." He chuckled. "I don't know if we can train Wren. We'll certainly try, but the fact he didn't know he had magic tells me it's already contained somehow. Now perhaps that's the Witches doing, the way they've protected you all these years they could be doing the same for Wren. But we'll do everything we can for him."

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