Chapter Seventeen, War Arts

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"Sean," Bennie said the next afternoon as they drove to their entry to Pelanca. "You know how Perce was talking about getting into trouble with the Guardians if you reveal them?"

"Yeah," Sean replied, then sighed as he had to swerve out of his lane when someone pulled out right in front of him. "I've had to remind myself on multiple occasions that transforming into a monster and chasing down bad drivers falls into the 'revealing the Guardians' category more than once."

"Hah," Bennie grinned, then continued. "What exactly does happen when someone reveals the Guardians?"

"Well it depends," Sean said. "Obviously I don't know every policy for every scenario, but if you accidentally reveal your powers or are attacked and have to use them openly or something, you won't get into trouble for that. There are people trained in memory modification and entire teams dedicated to cleaning up after incidents, like the ones who fixed the blackout.

"You also can tell your loved ones, mostly at your discretion," he continued. "Mostly it's recommended you don't tell anyone unless it's pertinent to your relationship, like if you get really serious with a guy, you'll probably have to tell him eventually, but don't tell every guy you date."

"That makes sense," Bennie said. "I wonder how my dad explained to my mom."

"Now you do get in trouble for revealing the Guardians maliciously or for arbitrary reasons," Sean said. "Like you'll obviously be made to answer for revealing us to enemies, or for carelessly telling random people, because things like the old witch hunts can happen, or people can wind up being institutionalized because everyone thinks they're crazy."

Sean stopped at a red light and looked over at her.

"You thinking about if your mom called the cops on us all, how you'd explain it?" he asked.

"Is it that obvious?" Bennie said sheepishly. "I tried talking to her last night and got nowhere, again."

"Things like that would probably be handled on a case by case, though you might find yourself doing community service or having your powers suppressed for some amount of time, kind of like probation."

"Yeesh," Bennie said. "What happens to the ones really trying to cause trouble?"

"Prison?" Sean laughed. "It's really the same as anywhere else, but I seriously doubt you have to worry about that." He drove on as the light turned green. "Just get Perce to come back you up."

"I'll give it another go before that," Bennie said.

"Yeah," Sean pulled into the parking lot outside Raymond Rimkus park. "Until then we'll operate under 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission' regarding social trips through Pelanca. I don't think anyone can bust us for going to see Peter."

"Hah!" Bennie said. "You're just rationalizing because you want extra people to play."

"Maybe!" Sean grinned as they got out of the car.

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