The start of something magical

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"Do we have to feed her?" Conner asks.
"Yes we have to feed her!" Peter says. "Obviously!"
"I'm sorry I never had a girl before!" Conner states.

"This will be quite the experience then." I say waking up.
"Morning Love," Peter calls coming to my side. "How did you sleep?"
"Let's see I'm surrounded by creeps so not so good." I reply sounding kinda mean.
"We're not creeps," Conner adds. "And morning."
I roll my eyes at him.
"What?" He asks like he is so innocent. "You're not still mad about me tricking you are you?"
"I almost trusted you," I admit. "But I'm glad I didn't!"

"Enough of that." Peter cuts in. "We have a big day ahead of us."
"You're kidding right?" I raise a eyebrow at him. "I can barely stand without falling."
"I know Love that's why I'll carry you wherever we go." He smiles.
"Like hell you will!" I remark. "If you even consider touching me I'll hurt you!"
"I like her better when she's asleep." Brad sighs.
"I like you all better when you're not talking!" I snarl.
"Can we please just eat." Peter begs.
"Finally!" Robbie jumps.

The boys each take a piece of the breakfast they made. "Eat Love." Peter orders.
"No thanks." I simply say.
"Ok either you eat or one of us will shove food down your throat!" He growls.
"I'm not eating and if you think I'm going to let any of you near me think again!" I roll my eyes.
"May I?" Gabe asks.
"Go ahead." Peter waves.

Gabe picks up an apple and walks over to me.
"Don't even try." I say.
"I'm not going to shove it down your throat." He reassures me. Instead he takes his hand and grabs my ankle.
"Ow!" I yelp.
"Eat!" He demands. "And I'll let go!"
My eyes squint closed with pain. I try to pull his hand off but he only makes his grip harder.
"Stop!" I scream.
"Eat!" He growls again. I open my eyes to try and pull his hand off again but before I can he pulls out his sword. "I'm giving you a choice. Either eat or suffer."

My eyes fill with tears of pain. "Gabe that's enough." Peter beckons. Gabe let's go of my ankle. Peter joins us and leans down next to me. "Would you eat?"
I start rubbing my ankle not listening to him. I look up and see him holding a apple. "I'm not going to eat because I don't know who you are, where I am, and if that's safe to eat." I explain.
"Love," he begins. "You know who we are and you know where you are." He looks at he apple. "And it's safe to eat." He takes a bite and then hands it to me.
"Gross!" I make a face. I pull out my knife and cut off the half of the apple he ate.
"Really?" He laughs.
"Don't know you don't know if you're sick." I shrug and take a bite.

"So Peter," Gabe grins at me. "Didn't you say you heard someone singing last night?"
I almost choke on the apple. "You said what?!"
Peter grins back at Gabe. "Why yes I did. It sounded like a canary."

I put the apple down and look at my feet. When every I sang with my partners my mom and dad would say I sounded like a new born canary who has the sound of the sunset. Ever since my mom called me her little canary.
"What's wrong Love?" Peter asks losing his grin.
"Nothing." I whisper.
"Come on don't be like that. Tell me what's wrong." He tries to reach over and put a hand on my shoulder but I grab it inches before he could reach it.
"Nothings wrong!" I say a little louder.

"Why don't you sing for us Wendy?" Conner laughs.
"Yes sing!" Dan yells out from eating.
"I don't sing!" I snap.
"I beg to differ." Peter smirks.
"Just drop it!" I growl. I pick up the apple and take another bite.
"Did we say something wrong?" Conner asks coming over to me.
"Quit it!" I demand. Before I even consider standing up a hand pulls me onto them. "Hey let go!" I stare up and see Gabe. His eyes are like daggers trying to stare me down.
"Shut up!" He hisses. He takes hold of his sword and presses it against my chest.
"Haven't you done enough to me!" I hiss.
"I'm only doing what needs to be done." He snarls.

Peter leads the lost boys and me to a empty sections of the woods. Conner is carrying me. "Here is where we will have our first plan." Peter tells them.
"Plan for what?" I wonder.
"The first plan of you showing us that you believe." He explains.
"Not this again!" I put a hand up to my head.
"This again." Conner perks. We walk over to a log and he places me down.

"For the first step," Peter commands. "You have to think of something you want and it will appear."
"It's not going to work." I advise.
"Just do it." He sighs.

I close my eyes. I want to see what Matt is doing. I open them and a puddle appears in front of me. "I didn't want a puddle."
"Look into it. It shows you what someone is doing." Peter explains.
I look into the puddle and see Matt.

"Hey Jenny!" Matt runs up to her and gives her a kiss.
"Hi Matty!" She smiles and kisses him back. "Why aren't you with your new girlfriend?"
"Who? Oh you mean her." Wait does he mean me. "She's not my girlfriend. She's just a girl I hung out with to make you jealous and to see if you really wanted to me with me."

I close me eyes again. I don't want to see this anymore. I open my eyes and the puddle is gone. "Were you just dumped?" Nico questions.
"No!" I jump. I didn't know anyone was looking too. "We weren't even dating."
"Let's try something new." Peter suggests. "Think of someone who you can't see." Like my mom?
"No I cross the line at that." I look down at me feet.
"Was it someone important?" He asks.
"Very," I feel my eyes sting. "But I can't see them right now. Not until I go to Heaven."
"What if you go to Hell?" Brad laughs.
"Then I'll find a way!" I snap. "Because I'm going to see them again no matter what!" I put my head between my legs. "I have too."

"Love we didn't mean to upset you." Peter says rubbing my back.
"Well guess what you did." I reply kinda coldly.
"Can I ask who it is?" He sounds genuine.
"My mom." I look up at him. "She was my best friend. When you said I sounded like a canary it reminded me of when she used to call me her little canary. I don't sing much nor do I ever talk about her to anyone except my dad and myself."
"Wendy," he starts but I cut him off.
"I'm not the truest believer." I close my eyes. "I believed that everything would be ok and nothing and would ever happen to my family. But now I'm stuck with a stepdad who thinks he can come in and replace my mom, a dad who doesn't see that I'm in pain, and two stepbrother who try to make my life a living hell. And they usually succeed."
"Maybe you're not believing now. But you will." He pulls me close to him. "I'm sorry you have a ruff life Love."

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