8 - "Oh, I missed you, baby."

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November 1997

Dean and I talk every night. He even snuck up here one weekend in October to see me. We decided before he left, that we could do our own thing still. That we weren't going to tie each other down, because he understands how college is crazy, and that he can't hold me back from having sex with someone if I want to, and I know how the hunting life is, sometimes you just have to have sex with someone after a long day in an attempt to wear yourself out so much that you can do nothing other than fall asleep, and trust me, I'm going to have to do that sometimes too. Knowing what goes bump in the night isn't so fun when you live in New York City, where it's rarely quiet.

"He's here." I can hear the Impala. "I'll see you next week. Have fun at home, Rosie!" I shout and then run down the stairs. "Dean!" I shout, running into his arms. "I missed you. So much." I whisper, wrapping my legs around his waist.

"I missed you too, D." He kisses the top of my head and sets me down. "Everybody's waiting to see you. Your dad found a case out on Long Island, so we're close." My shoulders fall.

"Is it loud there?"

"A little noisy, there are some trains, but it's not too bad, why?"

"I can't sleep through a whole night here. It's too noisy."

"Why did you never-"

"Because when you're here I feel safe. That's why I fall asleep when we're on the phone. You make me feel safe." I admit, a blush creeping up on my cheeks.

"God fucking-" He stops at a light and leans over, kissing me. "Can't believe I didn't do that sooner." I smile and take his free hand, linking our fingers together.

"I'm going to take a nap now."

"It's only another hour."

"Oh good, I get a whole 'nother hour of sleep." I kiss the back of his hand.

"You're the worst." He disconnects our hands and pulls my head to his lap, playing with my hair, lulling me to sleep. "Up we go, sweetheart." He picks me up.

"I'm up." I groan, rubbing my eyes. "Put me down." I say, looking up at him, but he just shakes his head.

"It's like the hundred times your dumbass gave yourself a concussion."

"Hey! One of those times was because this dumbass family of ours decided it would be a good idea to play tackle football, and Heath ran me into a pole!" I wiggle until I'm falling from his hands, but he just swings me up and over his shoulder as he walks into a house. "What the?" I say as he puts me down. It's a nice house. "How did you idiots muster up this place?!" I ask, walking around.

"Dallas!" Heath shouts, running at me.

"Hey, buddy." I smile, hugging him. "Nice house. Who'd we scam it from?" I ask, a smirk on my face as my dad walks into the room.

"Your uncle is letting us stay here." He says, hugging me.

"Uncle Richy?" He lives in San Francisco, why would he have a house here?

"You never met him. Your Uncle Joe. Mom's side."

"Oh." I nod. "Do I get to meet him now?"

"He lives across the street. He should be here later." Dad kisses the top of my head.

"Dallas!" Sam smiles, coming and hugging me.

"Sammy." I smile, rocking us back and forth.

"How've you been? How's school?"

"I could ask you the same thing." I smile. "I'm good, schools good too. I love it. Now you. Where have you guys been? What have you been doing?"

"We've been here, actually, since you started school."

"There's multiple hunts here?"

"No." Sam shakes his head. "Heath and I can fend for ourselves, so Ricki, Dean, and our dads have gone out for weeks, hunting."

"And you two haven't thrown a fucking kegger?" I laugh, and Dean smiles, and I know that's exactly what he was thinking too.

"When the owner of the house lives across the street and you're related to them, it's a little hard to throw a kegger." Heath says and I nod.

"Is he a cool uncle? Or is he a dick? Like Uncle Chris?" We have uncles on our father's side, Richy, and Chris. Richy, is cool. He's fun, gay, and a democrat. Chris, is a douche that we don't really talk to anymore.

"Dad says that he's a lot like mom. They were twins, and best friends." I nod.

"Where's Ricki?"

"He's on a hunt." Dad says, looking over at me. "He should be here by tonight."

"By himself?" Heath leaves the room, probably sick of hearing all about this.

"He's good." Dean nods. "Like scary good. We normally hunt together but this is a little ghost possession case and I wanted to pick you up." He puts a hand on my knee and my dad gives us a look.

"What's going on between you two?"

"What?" I ask, and Dean just looks at me and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"We love each other." Dean says and my eyes widen. "And we've been sort of dating for about two years now."

"I wouldn't say two years." I rush to say. "Maybe a few months." I look up at him, and he raises his eyebrows, this dick is not about to bring up the first time that we had sex, in the back of the Impala in Oklahoma, up right now. "Let's be real. Since the last time that we saw each other before I left for college, we had something." I cover my face with my hands. "But daddy, I love him."

"Yeah, well everybody who's ever been around the two of you idiots knows that."

"Hey! I'm not an idiot. I'm going to NYU on a full ride. That's fucking smart." I point a finger at him and he just shakes his head. "How long have you known?"

"We figured it out when you were sixteen. John and I have had a bet for years now; that you would wind up with one of them." Dean's eyes widen, and my eyebrows raise.

"Really!" Dean asks, with a shake of his head. "He told me to stay away from her. That you didn't like the idea of me being with her."

"He just wanted to win the bet. He didn't think you were going to get together until Dal had graduated college, so I win. It was different with Sam, though. We thought they would've started dating way earlier." He shrugs. "I'll kill you if you hurt her, son."

"I wouldn't dream of it, Mark." He says, gripping my hip, and I smile at him.

"I can't wait to tell your dad." My father then runs out of the room, yelling for John.

"Thanks for the warning that this was when we would tell everybody."

"I was going to bring it up in the car, but you decided to sleep instead." He shrugs, and pulls me into his lap. "Your loss."

"You're a dick." I smile, cupping his face.

"Oh get a room!" Sam shouts, and I just flip him off before pecking Dean's lips.

"I need a shower. I can't even remember what it's like to have good water pressure." I get off his lap.

"Well, I'm going to join you." Dean says, and picks me up, running up the stairs and putting me down once we're in the bathroom.

"Who says I want to shower with you?" I open the shower door and turn on the water.

"Clearly you do." He smirks as I pull my shirt over my head, revealing that I had no bra on. "Oh, I missed you, baby."

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