4 - "Come on, lovebirds!"

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"Hey!" I shout at some dick kids that are bullying Sammy. "Who do you think you're talking to like that?" I ask the boy. He's two grades below me, and is picking on Sam because he is taking classes a year up, the grade this bully is in.

"This nerd."

"Yeah, well, don't. He's my boyfriend." I take Sammy's hand. "And I'm older than you, so respect your elders, and their boyfriends." I kiss Sam smack on the mouth. The boy shoots me a look and walks away.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Would you rather be bullied?" I ask, and he just smiles at me.

"Thanks, Dal."

"No problem, Sammy." I smile, and Dean comes over to us with Heath on his back.

"Holding hands! Sammy must've gotten his first kiss! And from an older girl!" Dean says, a big smile on his face as he puts Heath down.

"Shut up, Dean." I punch him lightly and Ricki pulls up in dad's truck and we all pile in.

"Dal." Dean says as we pull up to the apartment we were renting for the month.


"Do you like this place?"


"Me either." He says, and we get out of the car. Heath and Sam run ahead, and Ricki runs after them, leaving Dean and I. "Why'd you kiss Sam?"

"Because some kid was bullying him."

"That's why?" He furrows his eyebrows and I nod.

"Why else? He's like a brother to me."

"And what am I?"

"I haven't seen you as a brother in a while." I shrug.

"And why is that?" He asks, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him.

"Because maybe, just maybe, I have a teeny, tiny crush on you." I whisper, our lips really close together.

My first kiss was Dean. We kissed within the first year that we met each other, mainly because John thought it would be funny to tease my dad, Mark, that his only daughter would wind up with his hell-raiser of a son one day.

"I knew it." He whispers and leans in, kissing me. It's a good kiss. I've kissed four people: Dean was first, Bobby Whitehall was second, in the second grade in Wisconsin, third Tommy Pines in fourth grade in Wyoming, and Sam was fourth. "Be my girl, Dal." He smirks at me.

"In your dreams, Winchester. You know what's going to happen. My dad's going to find out and we'll leave. We'll cut a deal, yeah? When I'm eighteen. We can date or something. Okay?"

"You're no fun."

"I'm just thinking wisely." I say, and lean in to peck his lips once more.

"Come on, lovebirds!" Ricki shouts from upstairs, his head poking over the balcony. "I won't tell them so long as you don't do anything stupid." He says once we get outside the door.

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