3- "I'm fine, Dean."

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"The dads got hurt." Ricki says, getting into our dad's beaten up red truck. "I've got to go check on them at the hospital. Dean, watch them." He points to me, Sammy and Heath. Ricki is fifteen, Dean is ten, I'm nine, and Sam and Heath are both six. "Dallas, don't do anything stupid." He then says, pointing to me.

"What am I going to do?!" I shout, trying to defend myself.

"I don't know, just, don't break your arm again. Dad'll kill me." He says, and then drives away.

"Alright, get in the motel room." Dean says, ushering us all back into the room.

"Well, if I can't break my arm, I might as well break my wrist, right, Dean?" I ask, and then jump up on the couch, and Dean narrows his eyes at me.

"Dallas." He points a finger at me. "If you don't get down right now, young lady."

"Whatcha gonna do, Dean?" I ask, jumping from the couch to the table, not a far jump. The table to the bed though, that'll be a fun jump. "Watch this!" I back up and give myself a running start, but fall and hit my head and both wrists on the bed frame. "I'm okay!" I shout, but my wrist does't agree, as it flops over, and I let out a yelp of pain.

"I told you to get down!" Dean shouts, and I just smile. "I'll call an ambulance." He says, and goes to the phone.

After our fun ride to the hospital in the ambulance, we find out I broke one wrist, sprained the other, gave myself a concussion, and that I'm a little stupid for doing all of these things to myself.

"You're an idiot, Dallas." My dad says, walking in. He's got a broken hand. We have matching black casts.

"I know you are, but what am I?" I joke, and he squeezes my shoulder. "You need to tell Ricki to stop being so strict with me. He tells me not to be stupid, and not to break my arm," I hold up both my hands. "I'll just hurt my wrists and get a concussion."

"You're ridiculous." He kisses my soft bandaged wrapped hand. "Alright, time to bust outta here." He picks me up. "No sleep for you tonight, and no school tomorrow."

"Yes!" I scream, doing a little dance in my father's arms.

"Where's our dad?" Dean asks when we're all in my dad's car. Ricki's driving, because my dad doesn't know if he's still got pain meds in his system that could put us in danger if he's behind the wheel.

"He's still pretty banged up from the hunt. We'll pick him up tonight after he calls." My dad explains quickly, and Sam and Dean nod. "Rick, pull in here," He points to a diner. "We can get some food before you guys have to go to sleep."

"But I can't sleep. I could fall into a coma."

"Well, that's why you and Dean get to hang out all night. No TV, no sleeping, in your own room."

"Why me and Dean?!"

"Because you didn't listen to him when he told you to get down."


This diner's food was okay, it was better than the last one, but not as good as the food from the diner that we went to in New York that one time.

"I need to book one more room." My dad says to the man at the front desk.

"It'll be 50."

"I'm only paying 30 a night for the other two rooms!"

"I have to clean the room myself. Staff went home. It's 50, or find a new motel."

"I'll just sleep in the other room then." My dad says, leaving the office and me on the couch. He's not letting me walk because of the condition of my head.

"Come on." Ricki picks me up with ease, setting a pair of sunglasses on my face because he knew the sun was hurting my eyes. "I'm sorry dad's punishing you when you're like this."

"It's fine. I'll make the most out of it. Like always."

Dean and I never really got along. Which is mainly my fault, I'm annoying. But I would like to think that I'm funny, but I bet he doesn't agree with that. But it's not like everything Dean says to me, I immediately do the opposite. I agree with him sometimes. And sometimes, he even sticks up for me. Well, one time he stood up for me. When I was being bullied at school.

My night with Dean was fine. He was nice to me, but I think that's only because I really hurt myself. He got me a bunch of snacks from the stand in the office as an 'I'm sorry' gift, and at the hospital he went up to a couple of doctors, asking for help for me because he knew that I wouldn't be able to stay up all night. I could sleep, I would just have to get woken up every few hours. Clearly, my father wasn't listening. I wouldn't be going to school tomorrow still, which I'm fine with, but I would be able to take naps with the dads, so long as every time they woke up at a "noise" I would get woken up too, to make sure that I wasn't dead.

"Hey." Dean shakes me awake, and I see that it's light out. "You good?" He shines a flashlight in my eyes and I push him away from me.

"I'm fine, Dean." I say, and sit up, rubbing my eyes. "Hey, uh," I say, calling him back from leaving our room and going to the other room. "Thanks for taking care of me."

"We might not be blood, but you're still like a sister, Dallas." He says, and hugs me.

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