Chapter Four:A Broken Queen

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This chapter contains language and mentions of violence.

"Fuck!" Jax hissed as Eva gently dabbed at the cut on his cheek. The other guys were getting their wounds seen to, him and Eva sitting in the back room that used to be his home away from home.

"Luke sure got ya good, you held your punches." Eva teased as she put the bandage on his cheek. She sat up and put the cap on the rubbing alcohol and placed it back in the cabinet. She stepped back as she caught a glimpse in the mirror, Jax right behind her blocking her way.

"Thank you." He said, rolling his eyes as Eva shoved past him, her hands reaching for her jacket that had been laid across the chair. She turned towards him, wishing he could just put his shirt back on. She hated him, but she couldn't deny how attractive he was, from his blue eyes to the perfect cut of his ab's.

"You're welcome." She said as she watched him move over to the bed, Eva moving towards the door, not allowing herself to fall for his charm. She furrowed her brow as she turned around, Jax now just inches from her.

"Jax, stop—I don't know what your game is but—I'm not playing." Eva, said her hands up as he stepped closer, her body tensing as he rested his hands on the wall by her shoulders. She held his gaze, her heart trying to pound in her ears as she felt her body trying to react to him. Her hate for him was deeper than her repulsion, her mind trying to go places it shouldn't.

"The FBI is no doubt coming for me and the others tomorrow, can't we put this hate aside for one night?" He whispered, a smirk on his face as he moved his hips closer to his. Eva tensed and backed up as much as she could towards the wall, her head turning as he tried to kiss her.

"You can fuck me when you love me." She said pushing him from her, her hand running through her hair as she smirked at him "Nice try Jax, but I'm not gonna fall for those baby blue eyes and that smile, use your hand if you are lonely." She retorted as she walked from the bedroom, her jacket going over her shoulders as she walked with a confidence and a sway in her hips.

She walked out to the bar, a smile on her face as all the guys were roughed up in some form or another, but they were all helping each other recover. She got a beer from the fridge and walked out into the cool night air, the promise of a new day not far off.

She slipped her hand in her pocket and pulled out a cigarette, her mind so lost in the thought that she didn't hear the door to the club open and shut. Eva jumped slightly as Jax walked up behind her, lighter in his hand as he offered to light her smoke. She leaned in and lit the tip of the cigarette, that first drag always making her feel calm.

"I am impressed by you, Eva. Normally a woman wouldn't have been such a hard ass." He said, Eva rolling her eyes as she moved away from him once again. "I wasn't talkin about that, Jesus Christ not everything about me is sex." He smiled as she pulled her jacket so she could come closer to him.

"Could've fooled me, Teller." She said as she took another drag, the air so calm that it almost made her uneasy. She looked at him and smiled, her head motioning for him to follow her over to the small bench, her legs still aching from the long ride.

"You took care of our men today, and it worked, despite how crazy it was." Jax smiled as he sat down, his arms resting on his knees. "Eva, I gotta know something." He said as he stomped out his cigarette butt with his tennis shoe.

"What's that Jax?"

"Why do we hate each other? This is the longest we have ever been around each other, and our longest conversation." He said, raising a valid point, but an unwanted point. It was a subject that Eva never wanted to talk about, since it contained real emotions and feelings. Eva had tried her hardest to lock all her emotions away and never appear weak or vulnerable.

"I was raised to hate SAMCRO, Jax. You are part of SAMCRO, and besides I heard enough about you growing up. My father always told me to stay away from you, and to never fall for that Teller charm." She said with a small chuckle as she shoved his arm with her elbow.

"Same here, my mother used to call it the Cortez curse. She said that's why so much bad shit happen to your club. Maybe that curse is what led you here" Jax said motioning around him, a smile on his face as Eva shot daggers at him.

"It wasn't a curse Jax, it was my father and all the shit that had happened. So much happened over the course of the last decade that I think it just took all my father had. I think if he had found out about what happened to me—it would have killed him." Eva said as she stood up, memories flooding back as she crossed her arms over her chest.

She looked down at the ground as she tried to hold back tears. Her boot kicking at a rock as she took a deep breath and flipped her long hair over to one side. "What happened to you?" Jax asked as he stood, his hands resting on his pockets as he watched Eva try to keep her composer.

"What does it matter?"

"It matters, Eva. Despite what you think, some part of me does have a heart." Jax said as he moved in front of her, shocked to see her face so soft. Her eyes were tearing up and her face was flushed.

"You saw the scars, Jax. Just put two and two together. I know you have heard the rumors about me, the rumors that I'm a lesbian or that I'm a prude. Rumors that start because I have never been with a man, or at least had a boyfriend. That's probably why you want me so bad, right. Plant a flag on uncharted territory?" Eva hissed, her hands now shoved in her jacket pockets as the wind started to pick up.

"I never thought that, in fact I had heard that you fucked all the men in your club so, this is news to me." He confessed, knowing how full of shit his mother had been. She had told him over and over that Eva Cortez was the biggest whore in California, a never ending trail of men leading to her bedroom.

"Jax we may be married but it's not real, okay. We don't have to share things about each other, and we sure as hell don't have to be friends." She said, hoping it would push him away, back to where he needed to be. "You wanna know what happened to me? You really wanna know Jax?" She asked with anger as she turned her body towards him.

"Eva, stop— "He tried to say as Eva held her hand up in front of his face to silence him. She chuckled and looked down at the ground, tears finally bursting from her eyes and down her cheeks as she stood there in front of him like an exposed nerve.

"I thought if I said no it would stop, but his hand was able to muffle out my voice—for years. For years Jax I was violated by a man my father trusted and loved, and for years I couldn't say a word. Now he is locked up and no one knows the truth about him but me. He got away with what he did to me and I must live everyday with that pain, and the scars. You think I pushed you away tonight because I was repulsed? I pushed you away because I fear that if you touch me, those memories will come back. I haven't ever been with a man that way and—I don't think I ever can." She said as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. She turned away and started for her bike, knowing that in that moment she just needed to be alone.


"Jax don't, just leave me alone okay. I will be back later to get Abel, okay? Just leave alone, Jax." Eva said as she kicked her leg over the bike. "Spent as much time with Abel as you can, tomorrow the shit is not doubt coming tomorrow." Eva said as she kick started her bike and rode out of the club parking lot and into the small town of Charming.

He had no clue where she was going, or what she was doing. All she knew at that point was she had to get away from him, away from how he was making her feel. Away from the fact that for the first time in her life, she felt more for Jax Teller, than just hate.

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