Chapter 4

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Lauren was currently in Dinah's office, making a paper aeroplane whilst remaining quiet as Dinah was on the phone.

"No, that is no bother, as I have mentioned before the centre is open from 7 until 6 from Monday to Friday, just let me know what time suits you and I will arrange a visit, hopefully your child enjoys the visit too and we will see you soon, yes, oh, sorry I just assumed, no no no its perfectly normal, okay thank you, goodbye, yes you too" Dinah spoke as she finished her phone call before looking at Lauren.


"So I have, speaking on behalf on another woman who wants to have a look around the nursery soon, she said she lived in Miami and she is going to moving back and would like to raise her child there"

"So she wants to have a look at the nursery before the baby is born? Damn, she's prepared" Lauren laughed.

"Right, the woman said her friend was worried in case I found it weird, I mean I'm flattered they chose me first, but, I do find it odd, I mean spend time with your child in the first few months before day care and shit, that's how my mom raised us, I suppose I shouldn't complain though"

"So this woman is moving back to Miami? Where does she live at the moment? New York? Los Angeles? Texas?"

"The woman on the phone sounded British, so part of me is assuming England?"

"Damn mama. I'm so proud of you, I know I keep on saying this, but the baby of our crew has done some good shit for this business"

"The Korsen Centre... That's what I'm thinking about calling it, obviously Mani and I are good together and I like to believe that if we ever break up-"

"Which you won't" Lauren interrupted.

"Which we won't, but yeah, if worst came to worst, I'd like to believe that Mani and I would always be friends and she could help me run this, so Kordei and Hansen, Korsen. What do you think?"

"You and your ship names" Lauren joked.

"Allai, Norminah, hey we had Laucy in there too for a while" Dinah reminisced.

"I still think Ally and Jai's ship name sounds like someone trying to say Ally's name fancy though"

"Excuse me for having difficulty trynna ship two names that don't make a good ship name".

"So, I don't think I'm needed for anything else so I'm gonna go home, I'll say bye to Ally and Mani first though"

"You could always stay and play and care for the kids?" Dinah asked.

"Nope, definitely not"

"Why not?"

"I, I just don't see myself having children in my life anymore so I feel as though avoiding kids will not make me hurt as much as the fact that I'm probably gonna grow old alone"

"You wont be alone, you have Norminah and Allai! Best things ever those ships" Dinah joked before continuing as she spoke seriously, "look Lauren, you're going to fall in love with someone, and she is gonna fucking adore you, and hate it when she sees other girls or guys looking at you, you will both have a beautiful huge family, and then your kids will have Aunt Mani, Aunt Dinah and Aunt Ally as well as all of there kids, its gonna be a huge family with nothing but love for one another, we are all ohana" Dinah said as she pulled a teary eyed Lauren into her to share a hug.

"I just, I felt like my life was going on track, and then she left and I just feel like everything I do is wrong, you know?"

"I do, but you just gotta keep moving forward, lets face it, I wanna see baby emerald eyes running around in this centre!"

"Thanks Dinah, I love you"

"Ewww..... Love ya too Lauser! If you want, you can draw some more kiddy cartoons and shizz for me?"

"Sure, I'll probably to quite a few seeing as I have spare time and give them to you soon?"

"Thanks Lo, take care"

"You too" Lauren said as she left Dinah's office as she said goodbye to Normani and Ally before leaving to go to her home.

Lauren went home and done some cartoon drawings for Dinah, she only stopped when her phone rang.

"Hey Sofia, whats up"

"Laur-Lauren?" Lauren heard Sofia cry.

"Where are you, whats up?"

"I- home"

"Im coming to get you, I'll be 10 minutes top" Lauren spoke as she rushed out her house and headed to the Cabellos house.

Lauren knocked on the door repeatedly until Sofia opened it.

Giving Sofia a big hug as she held her, Lauren asked, "Sof, what is it?"

"Today at schools, we were talking about families.... Everyone in my class has a brother or sister.... They were telling stories about what they done on the weekend" Sofia broke down as Lauren sat on the sofa whilst holding Sofia.

"Sof" Lauren spoke sympathetically.

"No, my sister didn't want me, that's why she left!" Sofia screamed.

"I have no idea why your sister left, but I will tell you now that every second I was with her, she always thought about you, we would do the stupidest shit- oh shit sorry- aw crap... The stupidest stuff and she would always mention you, how you made her laugh, of how you sassed at her, she freaking loves you, so don't say she doesn't want or loved you Sofia because we both know that she would have done anything for you" Lauren ranted.

"So where is she when I want a goodnight hug? Where is she when mom and dad are at work and a babysitter puts me to sleep?"

Lauren couldn't help it but break down herself, she picked Sofia up and too her to Sofia room as she put her down on the bed. "Right now, me and you... We are going to have sister time, that is what your sister would do to you if she was here, so that's what I'm gonna do. Lets cuddle in your bed and watch movies" Lauren decided as she played Lilo & Stitch.


"Yes Sofia"

Sofia looked up to Lauren with bright brown watery eyes and spoke, "why do you never say Kaki's name now?"

Lauren looked at Sofia, but didn't answer her, Sofia understood from Laurens silence that she didn't want to answer that question, so she dropped it.

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