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"You haven't had your coffee today, have you?"

Jess didn't even acknowledge that statement. Why should she? Jack already knew the answer. Rather than turn to acknowledge him, Jess merely muttered something under her breath along the lines of 'none of your business'. Considering the fact that this occurrence was quite frequent, Jack just let out a light sigh and shook his head.

"Well, you need it. You look like a cat that had gone through the washing machine, survived, fell asleep, and woke up several hours later," the man commented. Jess's chocolate-colored hair, as usual, was a tad bit frizzy, and there were dark circles under her eyes as if she never got quite the amount of sleep she needed. To be honest, Jack was used to seeing her like this, yet never failed to comment on it every single time he saw her. Much to Jess's annoyance, of course. The irritated woman continued walking toward her office, giving a light nod to various co-workers as she passed by. The stack of papers in her hand seemed to be ever-growing even though no one was giving her any more or less. A trick of the eye, perhaps? Maybe it was just that Jess was far too tired and as a result seeing things.

Jack was determined to persist, so ended up following the woman. It wasn't like he was on the streets at this current moment in time, anyway. When off of police duty, Jack was inclined to work in the station offices here. "Come on Jess, what's on your mind? You need to be attentive for this job, otherwise you'll lose it. I'm sure you understand my concern," Jack muttered, running his fingers through his smooth black hair, ignoring a few strands of which decided to fall into one eye and hinder his vision somewhat.

Adjusting her blue uniform, Jess decided to form a half-assed response, but hey, at least it was something. "Stop worrying about me. I get it. I can work just fine as I am. Stuff happened at home, things better left unsaid. I can work just fine. Really," she growled toward the persistent man. Yes, she had repeated that line twice, for either emphasis or to convince herself. Either way, Jack got the point—Jess did not want to be bothered. When she was like this, it was best to simply tell her the important case at hand rather than pester her. Despite his apprehension, Jack was fully aware of Jess's expertise in this job. Perhaps that's why his persistence died down right then and there.

"When you're done with your paperwork, there's a new case. One that I figured you would be able to handle well, Jessabelle. I have her papers here. She refused to have a lawyer in the room. Let me know when you want to see the papers," Jack muttered, getting right to the point. At the slight nod of the woman in blue, Jack wandered away in wait for when she decided to give it a look.

Meanwhile, Jess's mind was whirring with everything that had happened. Jack didn't know shit about her home life, to be honest. That wasn't to say she didn't respect or admire him, however. He did a great job, and wielded his badge well. The public these days tended to have a negative view of the police force, due to the media. Understandable in some cases, whereas in others the details were greatly exaggerated. Anyways, to Jess, Jack was a man who did his job well, with just the right amount of kindness and concern as he should have. Yet, he was strict as hell when he needed to be. Some said he should be named 'Frank', due to how forward he was. Luckily he understood enough to leave her alone at this point in time. Rarely did she reveal the hectic nature of what went on in her home life. Perhaps if she opened up to Jack more, their acquaintanceship could turn into a friendship, and maybe something even more thereafter. At that thought, Jess cursed in her mind due to her foolishness. Now was not the time to be considering anything of the sort.

Taking a seat in the worn leather computer chair, Jess placed the disorganized stack of paperwork on the side of her desk. The dull glow of the computer barely lit up her face, though a flash of whatever program happened to be present on it would occasionally give the room a little bit more light. At least it was more than the rays of 'sunlight', if you could call them that, from the dusty window, and anyway the grumble of thunder outside was a clear indication that the day was far from clear and sunny. One would think that Jess, as a professional here at the police station, would get herself a decent lamp. Or that the funding for the practice would provide one. Unfortunately, that was not the case here, as money was sparse and needed to go toward more important things, such as fancier suites and hats for the higher ups.

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