Meet the Godspawn

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I don't think the most interesting thing about us is the fact that we're wanted destroyed by the mortals; that's irrelevant. To be honest, it's not all that rare for godspawn to gain hate like this, but I can honestly tell you that it isn't all our fault. There's a hole in our family, one darker than those black ones in space. It isn't pretty, and I'm here to tell you why, exactly.

Let's start with the good among the family dynamic, because we can't get anywhere without backstory, at least in this case. My sister Venom is the oldest aside from myself. She is an interesting character, and has the loudest mouth of us all. Ever ask yourself what would happen if you mouthed off to a god, of all things? I can answer that with certainty—you get sent to your room without dinner. Well, if you're his child, that is. Otherwise, well... yeah, I wouldn't try it. Anyways, back to how Venom is. They call her the princess of every color known to mankind, which would not be a lie. The interesting thing about her is that she can bring her drawings to life. Not in the cliché way, no I'm talking about literally. If she so chooses to imbue her magic into such a way upon her artwork, she can create glorious and terrifying creatures. I remember one time when a group of elves declared war upon us due to the fact that all of their cattle had been munched away by some magical creature unknown to them but rather familiar to us. As it turns out, my sister had drawn a variant of a unicorn that happened to have the fangs of a dragon rather than normal herbivore-adapted teeth. You can guess what happened in that scenario—yep. No more cows, but a ton of hungry, meat-eating horses, who eventually developed a taste for the elves themselves. It took a while to clean up that mess—but everyone makes a mistake, Venom did apologize. After a good, healthy laugh, of course.

Now then, my brother, he's younger than Venom, and man can he build glorious things. His name is Malice. Don't ask me why our names are a bit off, because I couldn't tell you. Anyways, Malice is a character for sure. He's quiet, sometimes he shuts himself away to think about who knows what. Some say it's world domination, but I'm going to call bullshit on that. He's completely innocent, that death ray and its collateral damage was entirely not his fault. He created the razor that melted flesh and turned it on a bunch of insane centaur that had decided we'd creeped a little too far into their land. We only took about three fourths of it, which usually doesn't provoke a problem. Apparently they took offence, so my dear brother Malice took care of the problem, fine and dandy. So we took out a few villages of other creatures too...everyone makes mistakes!

Alright, you're going to love this. The youngest sister among us is named Tantrum, and man is she a scream. She has a few... problems. The magical brews used on her to fix them didn't work all that much. She tried to hurl herself off of a mountain a few times until we told her to stop taking the stuff. She's been mistaken for the banshee before, from how loud she squeals and screams. Many a wanderer have been frightened away by that child, that's for sure. Some don't like her because one time she screamed so loudly into the heavens that half of a large territory of minotaur went deaf. Those cows take much longer to come home now, know what I'm saying? They tried a while to chop Tantrum to bits with an axe of course, but I stopped them with haste. Let's just say we had a lot of steak for dinner the few weeks after the conflict.

One thing to note is that Venom and Tantrum never get along. I think Venom tries to draw Tantrum dead sometimes, and gets really frustrated when her magic doesn't make it work. When she pulls something like that, Tantrum does scream really loud though, and the both of them get into a loud yelling fit. Luckily father comes in and never fails to break them apart, but I think a couple of their issues have caused a few earthquakes. Again, not that big of a deal!

And then there's me. They call me Despair, because evidently I glow with a black light. That makes no sense obviously, so I tend to ignore it. I am the oldest among my siblings, and some would say the most deadly. Others would say I'm the least deadly... all depends on matter of perspective. I'm the vengeful one. Another god began to say some rather unsavory things about my father once... all those that looked up to him ended up getting plague by rats. Then, before they were able to die, those same rats just ended it by eating them alive... slowly. Some say I go a bit overboard, but come on, so long as they don't harm me or my family, they'll be safe, right? It's not like the stuff I do is that bad compared to...well... I will get to that.

Father's name is Wariness. He worries a lot for all of us. He's trying to teach us what is right and wrong, but sometimes we seem to not...understand. Every time we pull our silly antics and a town ends up getting destroyed, we end up getting in trouble and screamed at. I don't understand why because we don't mean to! We just, well...we're us! Father worries too much about whether or not we're too much like grandfather. But I know grandfather's the real monster. Someday we might learn exactly why father is pressuring us to stop being, well, us, to some degree. I know I can change. I think, to some degree, we do feel bad about some of the things we do... but grandfather? Hah, that's a good one.

He scares me, I don't think anyone else knows just how evil he is. No emotion, nothing... his name is Psycho. I've watched him from a distance sometimes, as he takes entire countries and hold them hostage. Then, he begins to do horrible experiments on them, managing to twist something about them. He spreads false, horrible lies, that lead to thousands upon thousands of wars... remember, the four of us children combined have only started about two major ones. And that was by accident. Him? He screams with laughter at every horrible death, and strives to make it even more horrible. His goal in life is to see what exactly it is that causes the most suffering among mortals, and then utilize it for his own amusement. My father hates him. I think we all do, but I among the children have the strongest aversion to him. Us kids, we're trying, ok? Maybe if Psycho stopped visiting and eyeing us like we were objects, we would behave better... but father didn't know just how bad he was until just recently.

Luckily he never got his hands on any of us, or I might not be here right now to explain just how much we need help, my friend. We need to be saved from him, yes, but mostly ourselves. Otherwise, we will turn into that monster without even realizing. 

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