A Drunken Rendezvous

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We won our game against Suna, naturally. I think everyone was surprised to see Sasuke and I getting along out on the field.

It's been a few days since Sasuke's bad dream. He hasn't had any since and the marks around his neck are slowly fading. I wonder when he's going to go home... because, quite frankly, it's awkward having him around. He makes it uncomfortable and he's being a huge tool lately because he's so embarrassed. But I guess I would be, too.

I've been driving him to school and back since it's pointless for him to take his car when we're both on the same schedule with the same destination. It'll save him some gas money at least.

"Naruto!" Karin calls me on my way out of the school.

"What?" I ask as she sidles up next to me.

"Is it true Sasuke is staying with you?" Her eyes are glazed over. She's probably picturing disturbing things. Not neat.

"Yeah," I grimace, "and before you even ask, no, you can't come over."

"Aw!" she whines. "Come on, it's the weekend!"

"No," I deadpan. "Absolutely not."

Nonetheless, she follows me to my jeep. "Come on," she urges again.

"No," I wearily repeat myself. Once we reach my jeep, Sasuke is leaning against the car door and Karin attempts to collect herself.

"Hi, Sasuke," she greets him.

"Karin," he greets her flatly in return.

I unlock the doors, getting into the driver's seat. Sasuke gets into the passenger's seat and Karin hops in after him, climbing over his body and making sure to rub her boobs on him in the process. "Karin," I bark.

"Naruto!" she barks back.

"Why are you in here?" I ask angrily.

"I want to visit Kushina!" she snaps, settling in the back seat. "I haven't seen my favourite aunt in weeks!"

"Fucking hell," I mutter to myself. "Fine." I'm not going to win against her so I shouldn't even try. I pull out of the parking lot and start driving home.

"So," Karin starts, "Why are you staying at Naruto's house?"

"Because," Sasuke murmurs. Like hell he'd tell her shit about his home situation.

The drive feels long and annoying. Karin keeps asking question and Sasuke keeps brushing her off. Soon, we pull into my driveway, I park my jeep and we all go inside.

My mom greets us all before saying, "It's nice to see you, Karin."

Me and Sasuke stomp upstairs. Weirdly enough, Karin doesn't follow. She stays downstairs, talking to my mom just like she said she would.


About an hour later, Sasuke dives into my bedroom as if he's escaping an axe murderer. "What is wrong with you?" I ask dryly.

"Karin is coming," he whispers, shutting the door. "I can hear her."

"Wanna hide in my closet?" I offer, joking around with him. "You seem pretty good at hiding in closets."

His eyes narrow at that comment. He doesn't find it as funny as I do. "I'm not going to hide in your fucking closet!" he says, sounding shrill. A moment later, the door flings open and Karin saunters into my bedroom, latching onto Sasuke's arm. He looks beyond irritated. "You're not my type, Karin," he says unapologetically, "So, stop this."

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