Chapter Two

*Louis' POV *

“Great show tonight guys!” I exclaim, jumping on all of them in a bear-hug. I was going to do it straight after the show, but we were all preparing for some of the girls we knew would be waiting outside for wristbands. After they'd left, I felt the need for the congratulations.

“You too, boobear.” Harry chuckles, ruffling my hair.

I punch him back in the shoulder. He knows I don't like that nickname, but continues to tease me with it all the time.

Liam hands Harry a tenner.

“What's that for?” Niall asks, staring at the cash. Probably eager to steal it and head to Nando’s or something, knowing Niall.

Liam turns to him. “Harry bet me there'd be at least twenty girls wearing I heart Harry Styles jumpers tonight and I didn't believe him, but there were. More than twenty.”

I remember at least half the stadium in those jumpers. It sort of helps me know where to look though, as I know then that they only have eyes for Harry.

“I liked that girl I was talking to outside just now.” I casually mention, just trying to make conversation.

“OOOOOHHHH!” They all whistle in unison. Staring at me.

I frown. “I just said I like her! I didn't mean like like her. I made her laugh though. Which was cool. And she's pretty. And...” I trail off, knowing it wasn't going to dig me out of this hole i'd put myself in.

Liam piped up. “Yeah, the girl I was talking to was pretty cool too.”

No one made fun of him for saying that though, as he has a girlfriend. Which I found a bit unfair.

“Didn't seem that into us, only came because her friend was the one you were talking to, Lou.”

“Her name's Sarah.”

“OOH HELLO MY NAME'S SARAH.” Harry croaked in a high voice, making the boys chuckle.

“Yeah yeah, very funny.”

“But yeah. I even had to ask if she wanted a photo, which was a first. In the end I had to make the decision. But hopefully she'll come to the meet and greet tomorrow. We can convert her into a directioner.”

“I bet you a tenner you can't” Harry grinned cheekily, holding his arm out. Liam shook it.

“Deal. I'll have my money off you in no time.” He sounded determined.

I thought for a moment. “Do you think Sarah will come with her?”

Zayn nodded, rolling his eyes. “Off course she will mate, I looked over whilst you two were talking and she seemed totally starstruck.”

I smiled. “Cool. I got a photo with her though. But she took it with her.”

“Well duh, you're the one everyone wants photos with.” Niall slapped me on the arm.

“Actually, I think you'll find that's Harry.”

“Well, you know what I mean.”

“I got a photo with Jo.” Liam commented. “Oh wait, I've already mentioned that, sorry.” He goes quiet, taking a swig from his water bottle.

“How's Danielle?” Zayn asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Huh? Oh yeah Danielle, I dunno really, I said I'd text her after the show but yeah. I'll just do that now.”

Me and Harry look at each other worriedly.

“You haven't been talking about her much.” Harry points out. “Has something happened?”

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