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Hey guys... a lot of you guys are disappointed the story ended so soon. The real reason why I ended the story is because it was stressing me. i wanted to update really soon because there is a lot of writers that don't update until weeks or even months. I didn't want to be like that and I didn't want to have you guys waiting for such a long time. In the end, I ended up doing that (not updating for two or three weeks). the reason why is because I no longer had ideas for the story and I felt like it was going to be on going. On going stories aren't that good because in the end, it seems like they just don't care anymore. anyway, that's why I decided to end the story.

But don't be sad but there may or may not be a new story coming up. don't get your hopes up too much because I'm not sure when I should do it and I'm still planning some stuff. all I know is that it's going to be a Jesus Ulloa fanfiction because why not, he's life. ❤️

Remember to always stay positive. I know that life may not be easy but you just have to go through it. that's was makes you stronger. if you need to let your feelings or you feel the need to rant for while, or maybe you just want to talk about something that you can't say in person, you can always comment on this or message me here on wattpad.

lots of love,


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