weird descisions

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You decided to do as you were told and make amence with Grayson so you went and walked to Grayson's room  you walked in and then suddenly then covered my eyes he quickly threw on his shorts " sorry" " it's cool " Grayson said to you " you can look I have on shorts on you uncovered your eyes " what you need " Grayson asked me you asked him " I was wondering if you were not busy if you wanted to make pizza with me" sure he said

You walked down stairs and outside to the pizza ovens with Grayson following you went to grab the flour but it was to heavy Grayson came up to you and took it from your hands then walked over and put it on the counter then opened it you grabbed it and put it in the bowl you had in your hand Grayson took some out of the bowl and through it at you " Grayson" you said laughing Grayson laughing back at you

You then went back to making pizza using the pool lights as a source of light you almost trip back  but luckily you didn't but you did spill the flour on Grayson it was everywhere you started laughing then he started laughing back you went to wipe the flour off him but he grabbed both of your wrists and stared in my eyes as you stared back ethan then walked in and then saw you two you then snatched your hands from Grayson

Ethan walked up to you an asked if he could talk to you he grabbed your wrist and then started to walk you near the pool he then pushed you in it was cold " ETHAN" you screamed as he took his clothes and shoes off you leaving him in his boxers and snapback he went to the steps and got in and started to swim to you then taking off the shorts you had on knowing Grayson was watching  he then took of your shirt making you cover your breasts he then Yanks your hands down Grayson looked at you and ethan with disgust

Ethan then wrapped your legs around his waist you told him that this didn't feel right he told you " it will in a minute baby girl" he said smirking at you " no " you told him ethan then smacked you and said " no I  don't take that as a awnser" you were holding your face Grayson started to walk near the pool to come get you but before he could you pushed ethan in your breasts and waved Grayson in the house cause you did not want him to see what was going to happen to you as a tear ran down your face when ethan noticed that grayson was in the house ethan unrapped your legs from around him sat you back down in the water smacked you then as you grabbed your face for the second time

Ethan started to yell at you
" What about don't fuck Grayson did you not understand"
" I didn't " you said while pushing you back

And getting out you put back on Ethan's soaking shirt he tryed to grab your arm but you yanked away and ran in the house to Grayson then

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