Chapter 6 - What Am I Doing This For?

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How Lily and Mac would look in my mind    > > > > > >


I lay in my bed. Waiting. She said they would be here an hour ago...

I don't know what I am waiting for, I don't even know who, but the nurse told me to stay here and wait. She said a name afterwards but it had been mumbled so I couldn't understand.

I lay on my back flatly searching the ceiling, looking for something interesting to keep me occupied. I had only been out of this room once in a fortnight - the one time I got out was when those agents interviewed me. That certainly didn't count as a good event to get out of this room for. I wanted to go outside and see those roses; not through the glass but be there with them, be able to touch them - feel their tenderness, like those white fluffy clouds up in the sky. Outside the rain was softly falling in such a delicate matter that it could have landed on me and it would have felt softer than a squishy pillow.

A soft rustling behind my back interrupted my loneliness. I immediately turned over to see what it was.

Hopefully it's those people I've been waiting for...

No such luck: it was the tall blonde nurse. He looked as large as usual, except this time he looked like he had grown a fair bit more of muscle. His blonde hair shone like sand in the Summer sun.

"Hello..." I said slowly. What was he doing here? I had stopped having constant nurse supervision four days ago.

He looked over at me with his deep blue eyes that peirced my brown ones like a sword through soft grass.

"Hi." He replied with his deep, rich voice. I swear my ears almost melted with the sweet sound of his voice.

I just stared back at him for a few moments - which I admit must have been a bit creepy for him, but he looked somehow familiar - in some way that I couldn't exactly describe, he looked a bit like someone I had seen before. His strong brow deeped as his face contourted into a confused look.

"Oh, nothing." I whispered, replying to his look. His face relaxed into it's usual dreamy position.

"So you don't remember anything? At all?" He broke out with.

I was quite shocked that he could blurt it out do easily, most of the other people stumbled over it and tried not to bring it up.

"Uh, I remember some slight things but I can't remember many of the important things. Like I know what my mum's favourite flower is and I remember what some places are... But I don't know who I am or how old I am or where I came from." I somehow managed to say this without breaking down into a wet mess. I don't know how I didn't but I felt somewhat calmed when this nurse was around, his soft aroma filled my nostrils calming me from a bucking bull to a trickling creek. I filled my lungs with the sweet scent again, savouring it.

I felt so stupid doing it but it was so calming... so refreshing.

"So you don't know anything important... at all?"


He turned his back for a while.

"Well... I'm Corey." He said confidently to me, facing my way again. I sat up and looked into his inviting blue eyes.

"I'm...." I started to say as if a habit, but then stopped. I didn't even know my name, hell, how could I even live like this - without a memory of my life.

"Tell me your life story." I expressed to Corey. "Please."

He looked startled at my sudden question but nevertheless he started to me.

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