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I was alone in the world.

Sure there are 7 billion other human beings(or other) on this planet. Sure, I am living in a house with 10 other people which are connected to a pack that consists of 20 others. But I am alone. I haven’t known much love or kindness for a very long time. 8 years to be more exact. 8 years since my world was torn away from me and never came back.

My parents, I winced at the word, had died from a rogue attack along with many others in the bloody battle of the Jade Pack. The rogue threat has been increasing ever since. Rogues had never been a huge problem before, they were small threats, small attacks.

 Rogues were loners and despised working together. But they seemed to be getting more organised and grouping together to create more damage.  I had been monitoring the rogue’s actions for a while now – secretly of course, since my pack didn’t like the idea of me snooping around…or the idea of me altogether -  and I had my suspicions about the whole thing and from what I’m putting together, it’s not good.

And it scared me, a lot. In fact, everything scared me. That’s why I am currently hiding in the pack house’s library with a torch as my only light, just in case someone would pass the old door and see a proper light on. I was seen as a weakling and a coward. I didn’t like fighting, or violence and they took that as a sign of weakness.

 I didn’t like the dark, or being the centre of attention and that made me a coward. I am the cursed one. And it’s true, my parents died because of me. They died protecting me and my family has never forgiven me for it and never will.

Every day I am a reminder of my parent’s death to my brother and sister. And somewhere along the way of their love turning into hate they have turned the whole pack against me and now I am not only blamed for my parent’s murder. But the other deaths as well.

How such a cruel and illogical idea formed in these horrible werewolves minds I have no idea. But they see it as their task to ruin my life.

My watch buzzed and woke me from my book with a chill. It was 6:15 on a Tuesday night. That means a pack meeting. A pack meeting is a gathering of all the members of the Jade family. That means the Alpha, that means my brother and sister, that means all their friends and that means all of the others that I despise all gathered as one.

 I survived my tormentors and their malice on me by taking everyone in doses. But them all been combined in one room was enough for me to choke on. And unfortunately, pack meetings were compulsory. The others didn’t want me there for sure, but the Alpha was an old friend of my Father’s, I winced again at the painful word, and was a traditional man.

He was a strong man with his grey fading hair and rugged features. Although he was strong and harsh in his justice and punishment he cared for all his pack members.  Including me. This earned my complete respect. I had always tried hard to prove the respect he gave us all. I don’t think the Alpha knows about the abuse, he doesn’t believe in socialising much with the younger pack members, all he knows is that I am a somewhat incorrect figure among the others.

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