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I look at the paper. It's says

"Please join us for the funeral of Max (middle name)(last name)"

I keep looking at it. I debate whether I go or not. I hear a knock. "Come in"I yelled. My mom opened the door. "Hey. How are you"she asked. "Better then last week"I said.

"Do you want to go"she said. I looked at it one more time. I nodded. "Yeah. I want to"I said. She nodded. "Well. Get sleep. You have school and then after that. Is the. You know"she said. I nodded.

"Night"she said. "Wait. There's a party Friday night. Can I go"I asked. "Since when do you ask me to go out"she said. "Now"I said.

"Sure. But be home by 12:00"she said. I nodded. She left. I smiled.

I then went to bed.

Fully knowing that I would have to move on with my life.

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