Tender Walks the Demon - Chapter Five #Incarnate

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UPDATE: WINNER! My entry won the #Incarnate contest over on the @IncarnateMovie page! Eek! I'm so excited!

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Tender Walks the Demon

Chapter 5

Screaming in terror, Brian watched as his mother's body crumpled on the ground.

"I need you to run, Brian. Can you do that?" asked Derek.

Brian nodded as Derek set him down.

Shoes pounding against the pavement, they raced toward Kimberly with the demon closing in with every step they took.

The bricks on the houses across the street turned grey and began to melt. With each drip, another part of the home vanished.

"There's a church around the corner," shouted Derek. "We need to get there!"

Derek picked up Kimberly, who clutched her left leg, and began to run.

Brown wisps of air swirled around the ivy dotted walls, quickly erasing any sign of their existence.

"Why are you running?" snarled the demon. "Death awaits you."

Brian sprinted after Derek and his mother. The church lay at the end of the block, still untouched by the demon's powers.

Kimberly wept, tears streaming down her face as she looked back at her young son, close on the heels of Derek.

"You've already brought me to a church once. How did that end up?" boomed the demon in a nefarious tone.

"What happened at the church?" Derek asked.

Kimberly held a trembling hand to her mouth and shook her head.

"Tell me, now! What happened to the priest?"

Dropping her arm to her side, Kimberly closed her eyes and whispered, "He murdered him. Broke his bones and snapped his spine."

Goosebumps snaked up Derek's arms as he raced up the stairs leading to the large wooden doors. "Come on, Brian! We're almost there!"

Thunder boomed and lightning streaked across the sky above as Derek pushed through the doors. Brian emerged through a moment later.

"Brian, the bolt! Quick secure the doors!"

The young boy slid the bolt and turned it down, locking the doors in place.

"Brian, there's a kitchen to the left of the alter. I need salt and sage. Quick!"

Brian nodded and took off down the center aisle.

"What are we going to do? If a priest can't stop the demon, how will we?"

Derek sent Kimberly down on a nearby pew. "If this doesn't work, we'll be dead. We have to at least try."

He grabbed a vase off a nearby windowsill and plunged it into the font of holy water as Brian raced back up the aisle with a large cylinder container of salt and a smaller plastic container.

"I found both," he said, short of breath from sprinting.

"Good work, Brian."

Derek set the pitcher of holy water down and grabbed the two containers as the doors began to shudder. 

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