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Me and Lila are in the waiting room. Waiting to see if Max is ok. Why would this happen to him. How. Who would do this. We then see his mom walk towards us. "How is he"I ask. "Ross. Come with me. You to Lila"his mom says. She walks us to his room.

I look at his. "What's wrong"I ask. "He is dying. They don't know why. "She says. "Will he wake up"Lila says. "I mean before he dies"she adds. His mom shook her head. "They have tried. But he won't wake up. He's giving up"His mom says.

"Ross. Call red and Barney. "Lila says. I nodded. "I'll call Adam"Lila adds. I nod.

I grabbed my phone.

I call red.
"Hello"red said. "You need to come to the hospital "I said. "Barney stop"He said. "Barneys with you"I ask. "We are on our way"he said then hangs up. I look at my phone. "Ok"I said.

I grabbed my phone.

"Hey Lila "Adam said. "Hey"I said. "What's up"he asks. "Um"I try to think of what to say. "Max is in the hospital "I said. I hear nothing. "Adam"I said. "Adam"I say again. He hangs up.

I look at my phone. Ok then. I walk back to Max's room.


I run upstairs to his hospital  room. I see Ross. I run pass him through the door. I see his mom. And him on the bed. I look at him. "I will let you be alone"she said leaving closing the door.

I walk slowly to him. I grab his hand. "Max"I said. "I am so sorry "I said. "I am a terrible friend. The worst. I hurt you I made you confused. Its my fault your here"I cried.

"Please. Don't leave me. I can't be in this world without you"I said. "If you leave I leave"I said.

Then I heard the worst sound you could ever hear in a hospital room.


I started crying. I felt the world go slow. I saw the door open with his mom running inside. Crying. Ross,Red and Barney just stood in shock. I wouldn't let his hand go. Some doctors came in to take me out. I tried to stay but I couldn't. After they set me on the ground and closed the door.

I sat there in shock. I look down. And start crying.

"Max"I whisper. "I'm sorry"I say again.

Flashbacks popped into my head. I remember his smile. His laugh. I lost it. I lost it all. Forever.

I look up to see Ross,Barney,Red,and Lila. I wipe my tears. "He's gone"Ross said. I looked down.

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