I cheated LOL

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Well in the new channel I used 2 names so 2 shout outs!!

first winner is Septic_Girl_900  

And the second is tonaqueen  

with the names DemonGirls201 and Z.I.L.K. we used Demongirls201 for the channel name and Z.I.L.K. for the profile pic the first video is uploading to the cannel right now so by the time you are reading this it MIGHT be up. I'm so happy that you guys encouraged me to go this, you guys are the best. With that being said I hope you guys find the channel DemonGirls201 on YouTube and I hope you all like it : )

                                                                             ~Author Chan

P.S.   Don't forget to like and subscribe to show support and that youguys want to see the channel grow love you all, Bye : )

Here is the link to the channel


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