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What is perfection as for person?

Being truthful? Being honest? Being intelligent? Being athletic? Having much forgiveness? Being a singer? Being a dancer? Being good at appearance? Being fit and having perfect body? Being good speaker? Being good at everything?

What is perfection?

There is no such person in the world who is perfect. Some people might be good at many things but they cant be perfect. Because no one is.

Oh, but wait! I have seen many people in serials who is perfectionist. Mainly the girl protagonist.

It is not in all the serials of course, but in most of the serials, the girl is unbelievably perfectionist!

Most of them contains all of these qualities :

- Beauty

- Intelligence

- Good cooking skill

- Good at heart (extremely good actually)

- Good dancer

- Good singer

- Clumsiness

- Respectful

Like, its impossible!!

Specially the heart part. The girls in those serials are so dumb, they are too much naive and forgive the villain too easily.

For example, there is a serial "Yeh Waada Raha" (I'm not sure about the spelling, but forget that)

In this serial, the mother-in-law of the girl, who is actually paternal aunt of the guy is pure evil. And the girl knows it since her childhood. That villain is even murderer. You see, MURDERER!!

Even after the guy found out that she was such an evil, they didn't give her away to the police. Why? Because they're so kind!

Fuck that so called kindness!

I mean, who will forgive this kind of person!?

And then guess what happens...

I don't really remember much but that villain keeps on playing games with her and her people. But then, they keeps on forgiving her. Like why the fuck do this happen!?

They ain't got brain or what?

This really piss me off and I hate every protagonists who do this in serial.

And all the girls are perfect at cooking, dancing, singing. Like all!! I mean most of them but still. Why cant you just add a girl in the story who is good at nothing, like me? You need to do this, serial makers!

I really hope I will come up with a good Hindi serial that I wont have anything to rant about.

If you have any good idea or rant about any serial, do comment or leave message so that I can upload the chapter and I will give credit to you!

Thank you for wasting your time on this story, people!

Until we meet next time :)

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