Chapter 2/3

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Chapter 2

"Seriously! She's got to stop doing that! Very bad for her health! And your not helping!" The skinny girl yelled at the boy.

"Whatever." The boy replied.

"Uhhhhh." I moaned. I had just woken up again. I sat up and looked around. For the first time I realized I was in a square room. It was completely bare except for a light switch, door, dresser, chair, and a bed which I was currently laying on. The floor was a simple cream carpet.

" Where am I?" I asked suddenly.

"Um, how about your name first." The skinny girl told me.

I sighed, exasperated. "Fine! My name is Quinn. And last time I checked I wasn't striped!"

"Okay, okay, no need to freak. We just have to explain a few things!" the girl tried to calm me down.

"Um, ya think! Oh my gosh. Have I been kidnapped? Are you holding me for ransom? I swear, if I've been kidnapped by the U.S government, and an being tested on secretly, Obama is so not getting my parents vote." I rambled. "Now where am I and who are you?"

"Calm down. You haven't been kidnapped, we are funded by a part of the government, but I doubt Obama knows about it, no ransom, and um, yes you were tested on. You are in a top secret underground bunker. Built by this scientist guy named Ben. He was the one who tested on you. But it's ok because you're fine. "The boy said.

"Kinda stealing my thunder!" Skinny girl yelled. The boy shrugged. The skinny girl sighed. Okay? Clearly there insane, I thought to myself.

"Um you still haven't answered who you are." I said.

"Oh yeah! Weren't we suppose to do that first? Any who! I'm Kaylee. That's Tanner!" The girl who referred to herself as Kaylee said pointing at the boy. "We're both 16. So are you. At least that's Ben said." Kaylee frowned then looked over at Tanner for conformation.

"Who's this Ben guy!?" I shouted.

"Ssshh! You will wake up Matt." Tanner said.

"Who's Matt?" I shouted again thoroughly tired of these new things.

"Oh Matt's our friend! He's, you know, hibernating this week. And we already told you who Ben was."Kaylee said exasperated. I stared at her wondering how she could get any more annoying.

"This is ridiculous. I look like a jungle cat, you people are just confusing me,and I need to talk to this Ben guy immediately! " I said officially freaked out.

"Okey Dokey!" Kaylee said. "But first, a tour!

Chapter 3

The Bunker, for that's what Kaylee and Tanner called it, was actually quite large. The whole place was underground. It had been made by the mysterious genius, Ben, who apparently had turned me into me. We had seen a training room filled with exercise equipment and a contraption I hadn't seen before but was told it was called The Jungle. Also Kaylee had shown me her room, which resembled a tree top and had a massive, circular bed with blankets wrapped all around it. Tanner's room I also saw, not to his enjoyment. His room was really warm and was mostly green, except for a few splashes of blues and orange and other colors here and there. Then we went to meet Matt. His room was dark and musty. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm either. His bed was pretty normal, but it was covered with huge, fur covered, blankets. Finally we woke Matt up and got him to focus on us. Truly, he had been the first person I had really liked since I had woken up. He was very large, muscles up and down his arms and legs. He was wearing a suit like Tanner's only much larger. He towered over Kaylee and I. He had dark eyes and even darker hair. His smile was friendly enough. But the most wonderful thing about Matt was the way he conducted himself. He wasn't this big brute of a boy, always in control and having power like other kids would have if they had been in his body. Now, don't get me wrong, Matt was not quiet, but he did listen.

"Matt, meet Quinn. She's the new girl Ben was telling us about! She's finally awake!" Kaylee exclaimed. Matt had clearly just woken up and still a bit slow. But he still nodded and pretended to follow Kaylee as she went on. One of the reasons I immediately liked him. The other was because of the way he thought. As Kaylee talked I watched him. He seemed to be paying attention as she rambled on about this and that. But I could see the wheels turning in his head. He was brilliant in his own way. Not with math and history, although I'm sure he could do them just fine, but he seemed to excel with people. I wondered how fast he could adjust to new people. He'd had practice with Kaylee clearly, but what about others?

"Hello Matt!" I said "How are you?" Before he could answer I went on, trying to overwhelm and challenge him. "So I hear that you workout a lot." I hadn't but what he had didn't come naturally. "Cool! Maybe you should lay off a little though. I mean, the big guy look is great and all, but a little overrated don't you think? Oh! are those real fur blankets? I've never like the fact people killed animals just for their fur. Did you do it yourself?" I said purposely being a butt hole. Matt looked at me for a bit then smiled.

"I'll think about it, and no. They're not real fur. Ben made them for me. They're just cotton mixed with who knows what." He said kindly.

"Oh. That's good. You know what? Your ok Matt. Don't change a thing. The big guy look suits you." I replied.

"Come on! We have to finish the tour and then go and see Ben!" Kaylee exclaimed. I sighed.

"Fine. But can we hurry. I really need some answers. It was nice to meet you Matt." I yelled back as Kaylee pulled me away. He nodded and waved as he lumbered back to his room.

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