Chapter Four

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I whimper as the black wolf hovering over me jumps to my protection. He lunges at the brown wolf, the two colliding in mid air with a big thunk. With snarls and growls, the two tumble around on the ground, snapping at each other's faces and throats.

I close my eyes with fear, cowering towards the ground and wishing for my Daddy... and the black wolf.

When something grabs me roughly by the scruff of my neck, I let out a long yelp of hurt. One of the grey wolves yanks me up from my safe spot on the ground, biting into me a little too hard, hard enough that he draws blood.

I hear a snap, and see the leader of this small band of rogues dead in the jaws of my black wolf. His gaze swings towards me, and his warm chocolate brown eyes turn bright molten yellow with rage. I whimper desperately at him, struggling in the jaws of the grey wolf, wanting the comfort the black wolf seems to give me.

My black wolf lunges at the grey wolf holding me up, shoving him off me violently. I drop to the ground and hear a faint snap come from my front paw. I howl in pain, realising that my paw is now broken.

Out of nowhere, four new wolves race into the clearing. They smell slightly the same, meaning they are from a pack. They smell kind of like the black wolf, so I know they are good wolves and not bad wolves.

As the good wolves take on the rogues, the black wolf rushes to my side.

He whimpers quietly, his eyes still bright yellow. My breathing starts to quicken as shock finally sets in. I want Mummy and Daddy!

The black wolf starts to lick the wound on my neck, but it only makes me whine in pain. It hurts! The black wolf nudges me and whines at me quietly, apologizing. It isn't his fault though, so he won't be in trouble.

The black wolf's head swivels towards the other wolves that are helping him fight off the rogues. A little conversation goes on with them, probably through mind-link. Daddy told me that mind-link is shared between a pack and their alpha, so they can communicate in wolf form. Then there is the private mind-link that mates share. Mummy explained everything about mates to me. I can't wait to meet my mate! But I think I am only six so I'm probably not going to meet him until later in my life, after Mummy and Daddy have come to get me from this forest.

The black wolf eventually nods. He reaches down to my tiny body and gently holds me up off the ground by the scruff of my neck. This time it doesn't hurt. He is very gently, unlike the grey wolf that injured me. He whines quietly, holding me up easily off the ground. I curl up in on myself like a puppy would do when their mother picks them up to carry them.

In one fluid motion, my black wolf bounds off into the forest with an eager desire to get away from the fight. I whimper a little. He easily carries me through the forest, running much faster than I ever could even with me in his jaws.

Around a minute later, he slows down. Bursting through a line of trees, I am faced with a huge house, much bigger than my old house. It is a two story house, meaning it has stairs. Jack is going to push me down the stairs again! I think tiredly. I hate being pushed down the stairs, it hurts.

The black wolf trots straight for the house, nudging the door open and taking me inside.

My body trembles as he carries me up the stairs swiftly, expecting a push or shove from Jack. But then I realised that Jack doesn't live here, so I relax a little bit. The black wolf turns down one of the many corridors, heading for one of the many rooms at his house.

When he reaches the room he was carrying me to, I notice the door is slightly open, probably so he can get in and out in wolf form. Speaking of which, he nudges the door open with one of his front paws and lopes in.