Chapter 19

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------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

We got to Bruno's house after about 10 minutes. It seemed quiet until someone screamed from the kitchen.

"Bruno come here!"

Bruno walked towards the kitchen, still holding my hand, where we found a man looking for something inside the fridge.

"There's nothing to eat!" The man yelled, still looking at the insides of the fridge.

"So what do you want me to do." He said as he pulled a stool for me to sit in.

"Go buy something." He said as he got up. He looked at Bruno and then he focused on me. He stayed silent and leaned against the fridge. "Bruno, you got her."

I sat there, not knowing what to say. Bruno looked at me and gently pulled me closer to him.

"Yeah. And she's not leaving." He said.

I felt as my heart beat increased at the sound of those words leaving his lips. Before, I would have been intimidated by this but now, I felt protected. I felt protected from the bad and especially from Drew.

"So what, are you guys hooking up now?" The man said breaking the silence that was starting.

Bruno looked at the man and ran his hand through his hair.

"" Bruno said as he got up and walked towards the stairs.

I sat there, confused on what just happened. The man looked at me and then back at the spot where Bruno was standing.

"I think i'll leave.... My name is Phillip by the way." He said as he gave me a small smile and left.

My head was spinning. Bruno who had kissed me and looked for me for several days denied the idea of us dating. I mean, he doesn't look like the type that dates but still, I thought the kiss meant something to him. It meant something to me. I got down from the stool and went up the stairs to look for Bruno.

-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V--------------

I sat in my bed, thinking. I had just denied that I was dating Nala and I have no idea why. I wanted Nala more than anything but the thought of us actually being a thing was not in my plan book. I mean we kissed but that doesn't mean we're dating.... does it? Did I want to be Nala's boyfriend? Yes. No. I don't know! I got up from the bed and just walked around my room.

"Bruno?" A quiet voice asked as Nala knocked on the door.

I walked towards the door to open it when she stepped in.

"Sorry." She said, closing the door behind her and leaning against the door.

"What do you want" I said, my voice loud compared to Nala's.

"Can we talk?" She asked as she stepped closer to me.

I nodded and sat back down on the bed, Nala following my actions. She sat infront of me and sighed. She was rubbing her hands against her jeans and she was looking towards the carpet, a sign that she was nervous.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked, my voice more quiet than earlier.

"About us." She said as her eyes finally met mine.

I cleared my throat and rubbed the back of my neck.

"Earlier in the alley.... We kissed. We kissed and holded hands which made me believe we were dating or something but a few minutes ago you told Phillip we weren't so I want to know... What are we?" She asked.

"Nothing." I said without even thinking.

Her eyes widened as she got up from the bed and walked towards the door.

"Nala wait!" I said as I got up and followed her to the door. I pulled her arm and made her face turn towards me.

"What! Do you want me to stay so next you can tell me that you want me to leave!?" She yelled, her eyes filled with anger.

I looked at her, not being able to say anything. She pulled her arm and my hand released her. She opened the door and left. A few seconds later, I heard a door slam shut. I got out my room and looked around for the door that had been loudly closed when I heard crying. I walked towards the right and found one of the guest rooms. The door was closed and the crying was coming from the inside. Nala was in there. I tried opening the door but it was locked. I went down and sat in the carpet, my back against the door, and sighed. I ran my hand through my hair as Nala's crying increased.

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