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Chapter 24

Unknown’s POV:

            Everyone in my office scooted back in fear as my furious roar ripped through the air. Even my Beta swallowed nervously, his eyes roaming around the room instead of meeting my piercing glare. My wolf rose to the surface and I could see my pitch black eyes reflected in the fearful eyes of the cowards in front of me.

            “What do you mean you failed?” I snarled slowly. Each of the four young men in front of me looked at each other, all refusing to speak first. “Answer me!”

            “We-we almost had her.” The first guy stuttered, looking at the floor.

            “Almost. Almost! Almost means that I still don’t have her. Almost means that she escaped again! Almost means shit to me gentlemen!” I was shaking from the pure rage currently coursing a heated path through my veins.

            How dare they let her go! I ask one simple task and they can’t even follow through with that! How damn hard is it to kidnap a 115 pound girl? I snarled once again as the failure of my supposed best warriors once again crossed my mind. How is it that best warriors in my pack can’t carry out a task as simple as kidnapping a teenage girl?

            “Sir-sir, we would have had her but the Alpha came.” The first man stuttered out again. I narrowed my eyes at the new bit of information.

            “The Alpha?” My mind raced in concentration.

            “Yes. He came out guns blazing, pissed as hell. He certainly didn’t want her taken away.” The man now sounded excited that he had information that interested me.

            “And why would the Alpha care about the kidnapping of a girl who isn’t even in his pack. She’s merely a flee living on their land.” I commented, curiosity mingling in my words.

            “Well, sir,” The second man joined in, glancing around and hesitantly stepping forward. “It seems that we may have gotten new reports recently. It’s been rumored that Tinsley is the Alpha’s mate.”

            “And has that been confirmed?”

            “No, not yet but with his reaction and the rage he clearly showed when he found me trying to take her, it just reinforces the idea.”

            “Find out.” I ordered, turning to look at the weak men standing in front of me. “What Alpha did you say this is?”

            “Alpha Daniel West of the Pacific Falls Pack.”

            “A neighbor then. She’s been so close this whole time.” I murmured. The Pacific Falls Pack borders a small portion of our land to the south. While they’re a very strong and powerful pack, they aren’t as powerful as my pack. They could never beat us. No one could.