Part 16 The Aftermath

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I WAKE THE NEXT MORNING in Modeus' master cabin. My eyes focus on the digital clock next to the bed that reads ten a.m. With the sheet against my chest, I sit up and look over at the empty space next to me. A familiar pang of loneliness washes over me, as I question why he did not stay. Don't do it Brenda; don't do it. I wrap the sheet around my naked body and struggle through the semi-dark cabin to find the door. I travel through the carpeted corridor up to the main salon to find nothing but the glaring sun and ocean breeze.

Realizing I should probably get out of here, I plop on the couch, grab my purse still sitting on the floor where I left it and reach for my phone. A note on the coffee table catches my eye:

Brenda-Good morning my beautiful creature. Last night was only the beginning.  I'll see you at work. MOD

My heart pounds heavy. I'm excited yet confused. Work? I grab my phone and see that OC has already called me three times this morning. What the hell is going on?

The phone buzzes again.

I immediately answer. "Hello?"

Richard clears his throat. "Good, I found you. We need you here as soon as possible."

"I was fired yesterday, Richard. Remember? You gave that to Freddy years ago."

Richard sighs deeply. "Forget about that. I'll fill you in on all the details when you get here. Can you be here by noon?"

I glance out the back of the yacht. "I'm a bit far at the moment, give me to twelve-thirty? Sound good?"

"Sounds good. Listen, Brenda, I'm sorry about yesterday. Freddy was out of line firing you. He had no authority and never checked with me first."

"I don't understand what is going on."

"I know," Richard says with his voice low and crackly. "But all will be revealed soon. Just get here as soon as you can."

I hang up and try to figure out how I am going to get to a meeting in Century City by twelve-thirty.

"Good morning Brenda," Martin says. He stands a respectful distance away across the salon looking sharp and clean in his white captain's outfit. "Is there anything I can do for you this morning?"

Still wrapped in the sheet, I stand. It is too late to be embarrassed at this point. "Good morning Martin. Yes, I'll need a lift to OC in Century City. Cool?"

Martin nods. "No problem."

"Excellent. Can we make a quick stop first?"

"Of course. Where to?"

"A clothing store on the way out of here. I hope that's okay?"

"Absolutely. I think I know the one you mean."

"Great. Give me thirty minutes to pull myself together and I'll meet you right back here."

Martin nods.

I could get used to this.

The next half hour is a blur. I find my panties and the rest of my wrinkled ensemble on the floor of the master cabin. My hair is a mess and I have little to do my makeup with. I dig through my purse and make use of what I have. Where is my aunt when I need her? I laugh to myself thinking of what Tom's reaction would be to all of this.

Finally ready to go, Martin meets me in the salon and escorts me off the back of the yacht and into a black BMW that is waiting. I get in and take a deep breath. Instead of focusing on what I'm being asked back to OC for, I'm thinking about Modeus and the things he said to me—how he transcended with me. I feel like another door has been opened. I grab the note out of my purse and read it again. Butterflies collect in my stomach thinking about our night together.

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