Chapter -2

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Jasmine's POV

Oh my God! I think I stepped into some kind of freaky twilight zone by mistake. The freaking freakily huge wolf is now freaking changing into a freaking wolf and I am freaking the freak out!!

And now I realise that I am screaming. Great , sign me up for the next scream movie.

"Stop shouting! My ears feel like they're about to burst. You are safe now."

I stop screaming and point an accusing finger at him.
"I still see a threat. YOU! ARE A Freaking WEREWOLF. Shoo! Get away from me." He just cocked up one eyebrow and folded his arms. The handsome brute!
Wait,what? Handsome? way. As if. Omg! I am in trouble.

" You just offended me three times in one go. I am a shifter not a werewolf. I just saved you so I don't deserve to be taken as a threat. And I am not your dog. You can't shoo me."

"Please excuse me if I am freaking about seeing a monster and a shifter in the same day. Both of which shouldn't exist.Can I go home?"

"I am afraid you can't. You know that I am a shifter and thats something we would like to keep that fact a secret. Plus...."

He looks worried and I get even more nervous. Which I didn't think I could. But hey, what do I know? I am the genius who walked right up to the beast. while following a rabbit. Wait...
"Are you going to kill me?! I won't say anything to anyone, I swear. Please let me go. Even if I did tell someone I would be locked up in the loony bin."
I see the lip twitching. I narrow my eyes at him. He's about to kill me and he's laughing?! Although, I suppose thats what a typical serial killer would do. I look at him.
"Tell me something. Do you shifters usually get hard after shifting back to human? And are you going to put on any clothes?"
He just smirks. The bastard!
"You like me naked. Or you would have said something about it long ago. Seeing as how much you like to talk."

I feel my cheeks getting red. Guilty must be tattoed on my face.
"Th..that's not true." I bite my tongue at that lie."And so what if I did?"
"That would actually be good. Seeing as you're my mate."
Mate? The Fuck?!

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