Who You Callin' Pinhead?

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Enjoy the picture bYE


          Pinhead started to walk towards Ghostface, the three other Cenobites filling in behind him before they all surrounded Ghostface. One of the Cenobites had hooks pulling their mouth open, and they no longer had eyes or a nose, just skin stretched across where they should have been. They did not speak, only clicked their teeth together, giving them the name Chatterer. The next Cenobite was behind him, and they were the 'heaviest' out of all four. They had sunglasses over their eyes, and were called Butterball, though Ghostface never really did know why. The next was The Female, and she had some sort of contraption that went through her cheeks, and connected to where her neck had been slit, spreading the wound open in three places on each side. Ghostface watched each of them, his guard on high.

          "Let me guess," The spirit was the first to speak out of all of them. "The box was sent to find its way to me somehow?"

          "Yes, that is correct," The Female spoke softly.

          "Why?" Ghostface looked up to Pinhead, no expression on his face.

          "We were sent to fetch you. There has been a substantial change in your predicament." Pinhead looked back with the same amount of emotionless, if not a little amusement.

          Meanwhile, Freddy had since abandoned the tub in favor of pressing his ear against the door, listening in on the Cenobites' and Ghostface's conversation. Mainly because he was extremely impatient.

          Ghostface visibly paled, his expression turning to one of dread. Pinhead now had a small grin on his face, finding the way the spirit suffered quite beautiful.

          "What do you mean 'a substantial change'?"

          "All shall be explained when you arrive there."

          "No, you will tell me," Ghostface growled and ran the short distance to Pinhead, raising a fist to punch him. "You will tell me, right fucking now!" 

          The spirit let out a shriek of pain as a chain shot out of nowhere, the hook going straight through his wrist, wrapping around it like a snake as it pulled him back, slamming him into the tv. He fell to the ground, and growled.

          /That couldn't have been Ghostface,/ Freddy thought, still listening in silently. /Only demons can growl like that./

          "I said," Pinhead began as he walked over to the smaller spirit, removing the hook from his wrist and letting the chains fall as the spirit hissed quietly in pain, "All shall be explained when you arrive there." The lead Cenobite took Ghostface's wrist, and licked off a bit of the blood, grinning before pulling the spirit up. The Female had apparently gone back to hell, because Ghostface did not see her anywhere.

          "...Fine." The spirit sounded defeated as he held his broken wrist. "Let's go."

          /What the fuck? He's going with those fuckers?/ Freddy wondered, pulling back to look at the door. /Oh hell no. I want some fucking answers./

          And with that, Freddy promptly kicked the door to the bathroom off of its hinges (which was entirely uncalled for, by the way), startling Chatterer and Butterball. Pinhead was surprised, but not fazed as the dream demon approached.

          "Oh hell no, you're not going anywhere until I have some damn answers." Freddy growled lowly, glaring at Pinhead. Ghostface's eyes widened, and he looked slightly panicked yet again. Pinhead grinned.

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