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Almost everyone had their hearts broken, right? Well, have you ever thought of yourself being in a very shitty situation, and then suddenly your so-called "prince" saved you?

I mean, when your special someone dumped you because of an unknown reason. The reason or reasons could be,

First: He thinks you aren't good enough so he deserves someone better. 

Second: He thinks that he isn't good enough and you deserve someone better. 

Third: He found someone else. 

Fourth: He fell out of love. 

Fifth: Infidelity.

...and then, boom! A better one appeared out of nowhere. You, being a bit desperate, entertained him. Your heart goes 'badump badump' whenever you talk to him. Seeing him from afar makes your heart flutter. Hearing his name would make you smile. So the next thing you know, you're in love.

I think most girls still wants their love life to be like a fairy tale. Of course, girls who are hopeless romantic would LOVE that. A fairy tale-like story, a situation in a drama, movie or fiction. Oops. Guilty. I am one of them.

You know, like how Ariel, a mermaid, saved a human prince and both fell in love at first sight.

Belle, despite the appearance, fell in love with a beast, who happened to be a real prince at the end of the story.

Cinderella, a poor girl, who met and married a rich prince with the help of her fairy godmother.

Aurora, who was awaken by a true love's kiss from her sleep, by a prince.

Well, that's not actually my point. Nope, No.

What prince?!

These stories ended with a 'happily ever after', right? But what if different things happened? Like a sudden turn of events...

What if

... Eric has a twin brother and that twin brother was the one Ariel saved and fell in love with?

... the Beast, after turning into a human suddenly found a new Belle?

... the prince that Cinderella married only wanted her to be his personal maid and not his wife?

... the prince's kiss woke Aurora up only to find out that she is indeed his true love but then she's not the one for him?

Would they still have a happy ending? Or would they spend the rest of their lives suffering?

Enough with the fairytale stuff. Let's be realistic here. 

So, it's like you're really expecting something from this boyfriend of yours but it turned out a big blow. He suddenly broke up with you for some reason. Then one day, upon searching for a new love, you coincidentally met him... your knight in shining armor, your Mr. Right, your Prince.