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"I like it, but why?" I looked at Maggie through the mirror, placing the pair of scissors down on the table. "I have to keep going and I don't want anything getting in my way." She beamed at her reflection.

"You look great." I smiled over her shoulder as I parted her bangs. "Did I cut it too short?" I frowned, noticing the change in her expression. "Maggie?" She remained silent then screamed out in pain as she stood up, only to kneel down on the floor. "Maggie!" I yelled, hurrying down to her side. "I'm getting help, it's gonna be ok." I immediately ran for Rick.

"How is she is?" Sasha asked as her, Abraham, and Eugene came from behind. "Worse." Rick answered as we packed the RV with some essentials and I made a comfortable bed for Maggie in the back. "She needs to see a doctor." He slung his rife over his shoulder once he was finished with the packing.

"Good call on the transportation." Abraham noted, looking the RV up and down. "We thought she'd be more comfortable."

"That also means you have room for more. They're out there. So I'm gonna be there with you."

Abraham promised as he looked back at Sasha and Eugene. "Packaged deal." Sasha chuckled and Rick looked over at me. "The more the merrier." I smiled at all of them. "Then let's go." We all slowly helped Maggie into the RV and took off for Hilltop.

"Hey." I knelt down in front of Maggie and leaned down to check her for a fever. "Hey." She smiled weakly as I took my hand back. I could see the look of fear in her eyes, even though she was trying to remain strong.

"We're gonna get you there. The doctor at Hilltop, he's gonna make it all better." I tried to reassure her.

"Hey," I cupped her clammy cheek with my hand, making her look at me. "How do you know?" Her stare met mine through blood shot eyes and it broke my heart. "Everything we've done, we've done together. We got here together. We're still here. Sure things have happened, but it's always worked out for us. Because it's always been all of us. That's how I know. Cause as long as it's all of us...we can do anything."

She smiled weakly and I leant down to press my forehead to hers. "Besides, when's the last time we all enjoyed a nice family road trip in an RV? Dale would be proud." I chuckled, bearing my teeth when Maggie mustered a small grin. "Get some rest, I'll wake you when we get there."

Nodding her head, she turned over and I stood up, walking to the front of the RV. "Everything o..." I stopped myself mid sentence seeing more or less a dozen men blocking the road in front.

"We doing this?" Abraham looked to Rick and I went to grab my gun. "Wait here." Rick stepped out of the RV along with Abraham, Sasha, and Aaron.

Me, Carl, and Eugene stayed behind. "I don't have a good feeling about this." I peered out the window with a horrible antisipactson of what these people wanted.

"He's someone who's with a whole lot of someone's who didn't listen." The stranger with a bold mustache who stood at the front of the group spoke up, pointing his gun towards a bloody and visibly beaten man.

"We can make a deal, right here, right now." I heard Rick and prayed this would be over soon.

Once it was over Rick and the rest had piled back into the RV. "She's burning up, we gotta get there soon." I stated the obvious from across the table, trying to map out a new route.

There was another way but took twice as long as our first route. Longer, but safer. Or so it seemed before we came across yet another road block prepared well in advance. "Fuck" a mutter broke the thick silence as we all saw what was in front of us. Walkers who had been chained together as a barrier blocked us in again. "Should we drive through?"

"No, we can't risk the RV." Rick along with the rest of us stepped out to deal with it by hand, coming closer to the gurgling and hissing Walkers grappling for us with hungry open mouths.

"Isn't that Daryl's?" Carl pointed out to the three arrows sticking out of ones stomach. "And Michonne." I walked over and quickly snatched a piece of hair that had been stuck to the head of a walker.

"We need to clear this now." Rick went to swing but just before he did shots were being fired. "Everybody, back to the RV!" Rick commanded and started to hack at the arm of the dead.

I did my best shooting towards the sound of the bullets but still they were coming. "Let's go." Rick jumped into the RV and we sped off.

"We can't fight them, they're ready and they have a plan." I clutched my gun tighter, trying to stay calm. "She needs a doctor." Frustration and confusion found us all but we knew we couldn't stop. "They're probably waiting for us right now." Aaron spoke, looking out the window.

"So they're ahead of us, probably behind us." Eugene began, "But they're not waiting on us, per say. They're waiting on this rust bucket. And they don't know moment to moment occupancy of said rust bucket. And the sun sets soon."

"Thank you." Maggie looked up towards Eugene as we all carried her out of the RV.

I pulled him into a hug, kissing his cheek. "Be safe." I let go and he nodded at me. Once he got into the RV, we began to quietly make our way through the woods.

Carl was taking out whatever Walkers that crossed our paths and we picked up the pace. "Please, let me walk the rest of the way." Maggie coughed out and I looked down to her. "It's only a couple more miles, just relax and we will be there soon." I smiled, but stopped as soon as we heard them.

Whistling everywhere, they were loud and seemed to come from every direction. "Go! Go!" Rick whispered and we began to run as fast as we could. It wouldn't stop, my heart began to beat so fast I thought my legs were going to cave under me.

"It will be ok." I looked down at her and ran as fast as my legs could take me. But just like that, lights. Bright lights, whistles, and we were cornered. "No." I whispered to myself and looked all around. They were everywhere.

I know, super long and super crappy. It was a shitty edited part of "Last day on earth" which I didn't want to skip right from the beginning, to the first meeting of Negan. But I promise it will get better after this. Or at least I hope. Has always thanks for reading and have a awesome day :)


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