Chapter Three: Aftermath

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  "I now pronounce you, husband and wife—you may kiss the bride." The judge said, Jax leaning in to lightly peck Eva on the lips, his mind imagining that it was Tara. The group around them clapped, but didn't cheer, a clear sign that tensions were still high.

The feud between clubs had to end, and Eva knew that if the club had any chance to thrive and be a success, those grudges needed to die. She had an idea that might help bring the clubs together, but it was going to be messy and bloody.

"We are ending this tension—tonight. Make sure your guys are out in front of the club house at midnight, no guns, knives or any blunt objects—got it?" Eva whispered as they walked back down the hall, her hand interlaced with his to keep up the appearance.

"We need to head back to the house first, I have some business to take care of and it won't look good if you are not there." Jax said as they walked into the dressing room, his eyes watching as Eva ripped off the veil, her eyes looking down at the cheap wedding band he had gotten her.

"I get it, we need to make them think we are fucking." She said bluntly as she started to slip the dress off, Jax turning around as he didn't want to see her in that light. His curiosity however getting the better of him, his head turning around to peek at her naked back.

She had a large tattoo of a raven that went all down her back, and deep whip like scars running through it. They ran all along her back from her shoulders and disappearing below her lower back. "Shit?" He said turning back around, the scars making him cringe since he could tell they were from childhood.

"It wasn't my father if that is what you are thinking, Jax. He never touched me and he doesn't know about them okay?" Eva said as she slipped on her shirt, her pants following along with her heavy boots. "He was a friend of my fathers and he felt that the rod should never be spared. He abused me for years until I was 16, I then became too old for him." She said remembering the years of abuse she had to endure in secret and in fear.

"What happened to him." Jax asked as he turned around, watching as she slipped on her leather riding gloves, her face tensing as he was making her remember things she just wanted to forget.

"He went to jail for murder about ten years ago, the same jail you are headed to." She said taking him off guard, the mention of his fate making his stomach churn and his mind race with worry. He didn't wanna know how she knew and in fact he didn't care, all that mattered was getting some relaxation for a few hours.

Eva sat in the livingroom of Jax's home listening as Jax had incredibly loud sex with a bleach bottle blonde, a smirk on her face as she felt the woman was faking it. She didn't let it bother her, in fact she could drown it out with her headphones and music.

She had texted Luke to get the guys together for their meeting, making sure the guys knew that no weapons could be involved. She knew that her plan was risky but it was worth a shot for some peace.

An hour later she watched a half-naked woman waltz out of Jax's room, hickies on her neck and a smile on her face. She cringed went the smell of sex hit her nostrils, her hand reaching in her purse for her perfume.

"What are you doin?" Jax asked as he waved the air around him, the smell of her in his home making his stomach flip. He slipped on his shirt and walked into the kitchen, noticing that all his dishes were washed and put away, along with the counter tops being clean.

"It smells like sex and regret in here, it's not pleasant." She said as she slipped on her jacket and gloves. She grabbed her helmet from the table and walked to the door, feeling uneasy as Jax watched her like a hawk.

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