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Mystery Boy

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                 I wake up a few hours later feeling as though I was gone.  Maybe I emotionally was dead though. It was a miracle I was able to stand as I did, so quietly. I looked around myself, hopelessness laced through my gaze. Why would my own mother do this to me? I cry out in frustration then finally allow my mind to do what it wanted. Shut down. I punch a tree, letting my fist slide down as I leaned against it, falling downwards. "I never want to see you again," I murmur in a barely audible whisper. I sit, staring at the tree for a while, then finally stand up, pulling a hand through my hair as I did often in frustration. "Who are you?" I hear from behind me. My hand stops and I turn around to see a very handsome man with bright blue eyes and dark messy hair. I let my hand drop, staying silent, watching him with emotionless eyes. If he wanted to take me, he would see how quickly I could kick his butt. He slowly walks over to me, eyebrows creased in worry. "You know, you really shouldn't be dressed like that in this weather. You’ll catch hypothermia." He says, looking at me as though I were made of glass and at any moment would shatter.  I watch him, opening my mouth slightly as if to speak, barely a breath whisping through my slightly parted lips, fogging into the air before I close them again. I stay silent, staring at him with shining green eyes so much like my fathers.  I look down, and then turn to walk away.

                “Whatever it is...” He calls out behind me, making me pause.  “..I’m sure it will be fine. My house is closer. Why don’t you come?” He gently walks over taking my arm. I look at his strong hand for a moment, then back down to the ground, not refusing him. He tugs it gently, watching me with a worried expression.

                I turn my face away from his, letting my hair fall in a curtain around my shoulders, guarding my expression.  “You should go.” I whisper quietly, gently pulling my arm from his grasp. I turn around and walk back towards wherever it was I was heading, but his hand flashed out and grabbed my arm.  I glare at him, my head snapping up.  I twist his wrist, grabbing it and spinning him over my head so he lands on his back, then glaring at him. “I said you should go.” I say fiercely, my green eyes shining with tears. He gasps for breath as it comes back to him, but looks at me with worry more than fear.  I shake my head, deciding against speaking and closing my eyes instead. I take a deep breath then open them again. “I’m leaving now. If you follow me, I won’t leave you unharmed.” I say darkly, finally dropping his wrist.

                “Not all people will hurt you.” He says, the words coming through his lips in a rush. I watch his panting form for a moment, looking at his honest eyes.

                “You’ve a lot to learn.” I say, my voice cracking on the last word. I shake my head, biting my lip, then walk the other way.  Continuing to walk, I go until he can no longer see me, then I sneak around a corner, watching him. He was still lying on the ground, looking partially dazed. I take that moment to study him closer.

He had dark wavy hair that fell into his bright blue eyes. His eyes were surrounded by thick dark eyelashes that barely scraped the skin above his upper eyelid. He had prominent cheek bones set on a strong, stone-chiseled face. He had darker skin, like a milky hot chocolate. He was tall, at least six feet, and was also thin.

I frown when I see something white flash behind him. I zero in towards where I saw it, only to see red eyes holding a glowing white arrow. The arrow whips out of the notch going straight towards the mystery man’s heart. I look wide eyed, running as fast as I could to get in front of him, crashing down over his body, my shoulder over his heart. The arrow pierces just below my shoulder, on the top part of my dress. I stare at it in shock as another gets shot at me, hitting me hard in the side. I cry out in pain, gritting my teeth. Putting my hand against the spot in my side, I open my mouth into the shape of an “O.”  I quickly close it, putting my now shaking, black, and wet hand at my side. I wince slightly when he stands up quickly, somehow gently moving my body off of his. He glares at the red eyed monster, and then starts murmuring something in a different language. His light blue eyes shine and glow brilliant silver then go back to normal. A flash of light shoots from his hands and hits the monster. I watch him half dazed, spaced out, and not sure if I was really seeing what I thought I was.

He comes slowly back towards me, an anxious expression on his face. He opens his thin lips, kneeling next to me as though in slow motion, putting his fingers to my neck. He sighs; raking a hand through his hair, then gently turns me onto my side. “Say wi mmm” he says. I try to ask him to clarify, but I can’t open my mouth. His face turns blurrier and he watches my eyes, painfully pricking my side then pulling off his shirt, ripping it in half, then putting it where I felt the prick. Was he going to hurt me? I try to move again, willing myself to get up, but a dense fog threatened to take over my vision and my fingers only twitched. He pricks my side then, putting the other half of the black shirt tightly there. I close my eyes heavily; hearing a faint noise just after I do, then feel pressure under my legs and back. The blackness finally wins.

To whom it concerns: Spritual is a category because it will be true, I am a christian, and that will come to play in the story. If you keep reading, you'll see. Thanks for reading:)

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