Chapter 17.

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A big Thank you to @frozen_flames_ for the amazing cover ( 12. 11.2016)

This chapter is quite small compared to my average 2000 words usual chapters. Apologies. will make it up by posting next one within two days :)

Suman's POV

He held my gaze and I was not able to tear my eyes away from his. I really hope we don't lose contact this time around.

"I will miss you so much." I said softly, feeling a sharp pain in my chest as once again the reality hit me. Just a few more hours and he will be gone.

He took another step, bringing us even closer making my heart go crazy. What was happening to me? Why am I feeling so conscious of him?

He opened his mouth to say something.

"Di! They are here!" Preeti's voice floated in, nixing whatever Shravan was about to say.


I saw Shravan shut his eyes, as though he was trying to fight his frustration on being interrupted.

I looked away, trying to calm my now crazy senses and tried to overcome my own disappointment.

I turned my gaze back at him as he slowly released me. I cleared my clogged throat "Nanu and others are here." I said.

He lifted his hand and placed a palm on my right cheek. "Let's go and meet them." He said and dropped his hand away and moved out of the room. I followed him, taking breath in gulps, trying to make my sudden feeling of breathlessness go away.

I stepped out of the store room just in time to see Shravan bend to touch NAnu's feet as a sign of respect. My heart warmed up at the scene.

I could not contain the smile that tugged on my lips at his this action. I had not thought about this side of Shravan.

I stood quietly, continuing to smile as Nanu embraced him in a hug and berated him for not coming back to India before.

Shravan's POV.

I have always respected Sumo's Nanu a lot. He and my paternal grandfather, my Dadu had been childhood friends and best friends since primary school.

The fact my father became lawyer like him, and not a doctor like his own father has always been a topic of heated discussion between the two friends.

"Shravan, you have become even taller!" I heard Pushpa mausi, Sumo's mother's younger sister comment with a laugh.

I folded my hands in Namaste to both her and mausaji, her husband.

I saw Sumo break away from her hug with her Nanu and affectionately greet her uncle and Aunty.

"Now that they are all here, can we please cut the cake?" Preeti piped in.

"I knew it! I knew no one will wait for me." Pushkar's voice loomed behind us announcing his arrival.

His comment made everyone laugh even as he glared at Preeti.

"Like seriously, why is this guy even here? He aces in gluttony and one extra blink of eye he will swipe cakes off plates!" Preeti said shooting a disgusted look at Pushkar.

"You be especially careful of your plate." Pushkar retorted, making it sound like a promising threat.

I raised my eyebrow at this discussion. Whoa! What was it between these two? They seemed cordial enough last time. Or maybe I had been too pre occupied with my own issues with Sumo to notice?

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