Sandor Clegane- Lost on you [requested]

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A/N: And I'm back! It took me a while to find inspiration for this chapter and I hope you will like it because I'm really proud of it. Uni has started which means I have hardly time at all for anything except studying and doing projects. 

sandorcIegane I'm sorry that I'm a week late with the chapter but I love you for being really understanding :) I hope you like it and I made it extra long because of me being 7 days late.

Word Count : 2492

Part : 1/1

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Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : LP - Lost on you 

  "Let's raise a glass or two

To all the things I've lost on you " 

The applause echoed through the main hall of the castle awaking a jolt of emotions through your body. People all around you stared in awe at your displayed work as they slowly approached it and occasionally touched a few sculptures. Sudden rush of power washed over you as you took in the scene and mass of people actually standing in front of you.

Artists weren't very welcomed in the Realm especially the ones who dared to be provocative and daring as yourself. On top of all the sinful things you've displayed in your art, you were a successful woman that not many men wanted to succeed.

Through your path to fame you've faced many obstacles, some of which you still wince when you remember, but at the end of the day you were well known through the Kingdom. It didn't bother you whether people knew you by the good or bad as long as you did what made you happy.

Swaying your way through the sea of people, you spot the Queen standing next to her oldest son accompanied with their most loyal guard Sandor Clegane. His posture was tensed while his face showed boredom on many levels.

Every day for the past three months you would go out of your ordinary routine to steal a few glances at the tall and angry guard who seemed to be wanting to be anywhere else but near Joffrey. To many he was closed off and rough around the edges but to you he was an undiscovered masterpieces.

Something about him has drawn you from day one. To put it simply, you were hooked. He woke the artist in you and had been a muse to some of your work that was put today for action. Unfortunately for you, he barely gave you the time of the day.

Your maid Tessa hurriedly followed your quick and eager steps." Miss Y/A? I don't understand your obsession with him."

Even though you haven known the girl for a while she had the aura of the most trusted person around here besides Tyrion. In a short while you had learned many things about her and vice versa which resulted in her knowing about you deepest secret.

You turned around and gave her a stern look which screamed later and only quickened your pace. From a far Cersei caught your stare and nodded welcomingly. You pulled your hands behind your back and squeezed them tightly allowing yourself a few second of bravery to kick in.

Cersei Lannister was the most mischievous person that had ever lived on this planet. And you of course – like many others- were afraid of her. What a lot of people didn't know is that Sandor was the reason you were saved many times from her wrath. She was fascinated by you the first few weeks until Jaime Lannister decided to show interest which not only made you uncomfortable but also suspicious.

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