Late Nights Billie X Reader

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Late Nights Billie X Reader
Alright I got bored and noticed that I've got 40+ reads!! Thank you ^^ no one requested anything but im jut write coz im bored ^^ Enjoy!!


Y'know what's amazing? Fucking up your sleep schedule, glancing over at the clock on the wall reading 12:07am I sigh and turn my attention back to y/f/s (your favorite show) "just one more episode" I say to myself selecting the next episode...7am...I groan looking at the clock "7am? But It was just one more episo- oh.." I sigh realizing I had actually finished the whole season "well there's no point sleeping now" getting up turning off the TV preparing for the day forget breakfast coffee can wake my me up (A/N actually try to eat breakfast pls frens pls coffee sadly can't always save you)

*Time skip brought to you by the countless times Billie Joe Armstrong has said "Y'know" *

I decided to leave my house for once and walk around the streets of Y/H/T grabbing my phone plugging in my headphones and playing music, after walking for what seemed like hours I arrived at a coffee shop (Tweek's coffee shop anyone?) turning off my music and taking out my headphones I walk into the shop and sit at a supposedly empty booth I sigh and look out the window before noticing someone sitting beside me "oh um sorry is this seat taken?" I ask starting to move "no, no it's fine, it's not taken" he says smiling "thanks" I smile back after a moment of silence (for the dead meme Leafyishere) "so um what's your name?" he questions I look over at his thick raven black hair emerald green eyes adorable smile basically perfection "Y/N" I say "Y/N" he says smoothly (that's something right??, it is now ok) just hearing your name said like that gives you unsettling chills of y'know (;) ok I'm sorry) after a while of talking and drinking coffee it started to get dark "hey want me to walk you home?" I heard his sweet voice say "oh yeah sure" I said getting up

*after walking a while*

"I'll be able to see you again right?" Billie asked sounding worried "yes" I reply smiling reassuringly, we walk up to my front door and Say Goodbye (to the ones we love) I close the door and lean against it sighing "fuck I'm in love" I say aloud Billie didn't even get down the street before it started to pour with rain I felt bad so I opened the door and called him in "thanks" he says "no problem" –awkward silence-

*ok so this time skip is because I can't think of anything're just watching movies with him on the couch with popcorn ok? *

"whoa ok major plot twist much" we both say at the same time after watching a few horror movies...but sadly I was growing tired and I think I fell asleep during most of it "are you tired?" he asked looking over at me "a little" I said in reply before yawning and laying my head on him "you don't mind right?" "not at all" he smiled and placed a small kiss on my forehead making me blush a little

-The next morning-

I woke up in my bed (no shit dude wtf am I even writing anymore) I sigh realizing that it must have been a dream I roll over and into the chest of someone opening my E/C eyes I look up and meet some emerald green ones "Morning Beautiful"




Done!! I know this one is really bad, cringe and short but y'know no one requested this I just wrote it out of fun y'know just a reminder that you can request y'know, bye XD

_624 words_

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